Don Ressler Is Part Of The Incredible Success Of JustFab And Fabletics

Story Update 9/08/2017:
Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg were featured on Norcal News, in an article about how they are fusing technology and fashion. Don is definitely trying to do something different here, and I’ll be intrigued to see how far he can take his ideas.

Story Update 5/27/2017:
Don Ressler, through his Fabletics fashion group, has negotiated an awesome summer partnership with Kate Hudson and Demi Lovato for their new fashion line. Featuring affordable, yet functional, and of course fashionable new athletic wear. The sets are perfect for some beach running, outdoor yoga, or really anything else you want to do, and look good while you’re doing it.

Don Ressler is the co-CEO of JustFab and co-founder of Matrix Partners. He met his business partner Adam Goldenberg right after they both sold their first business ventures to Intermix they were both offered executive positions with the company. They began to collaborate on their own joint business venture when Intermix was sold to News Corporation in 2005. Initially, Don Ressler’s first company was called Intelligent Beauty. They were responsible for launching several products and during the course of marketing those products they began to experiment with a new way to market products online. They want to personalize the way that people bought products so that it fit their needs more completely and took the hassle out of shopping.

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Don Ressler takes pride in being able to bring a variety of clothing options to their customers including offering the items in all sizes. Many companies limit their size options but JustFab and their other branches such as Fabletics are all inclusive. They want everyone to feel that their clothing is for everyone of all shapes and sizes. JustFab is dedicated to bringing fashion to everyone and providing a service that customers love. The company’s method of providing clothing is a subscription service. The customer signs up and then is asked a series of questions regarding their preferred personal style. Each month the in-house style team selects a collection of clothing based on the customer’s preferences. From there, they are presented a boutique. The cost of the monthly subscription fee covers the cost of one of the items from the boutique. If the customer wishes to skip the month then they can log into their account and select to skip the month without being charged the monthly fee.

The branch of JustFab called Fabletics wich is also a subscription service works much the same way but they offer athletic apparel, evening wear, and swimwear. Don Ressler’s companies are enjoying phenomenal success and the companies are projecting big increases in revenue as they continue to expand and appeal to a wide demographic. Their all-inclusive approach allows them to have unlimited potential because anyone can enjoy their clothing and other products.

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