Copacabana Gets A New Hospital

There is a hospital on Copacabana beach. The resort beach has found a new business along the beach, and it’s a different type of idea to ever come to Copacabana. The hospital is called the Copa Star, and it’s a different kind of hospital, very much suited for the idea of Copacabana, anyway.

It’s a five star luxury hospital. The new facility has attracted worldwide attention as it announced its suites for patients, instead of rooms. It has robotic equipment in its technologically advanced operating rooms. Boasting robotic equipment, its nine operating rooms have state of the art capacity to handle any situation.

Patients are no longer required to lay in a dreary room and live a dreary, dismal existence. The ideology of the Copa Star is to make patients feel well treated and pampered, and indeed, they are.

They don’t have patient rooms, they have 155 suites for patients, and 59 intensive care rooms where patients can control a video display of what’s going on around them. This is to treat and ameliorate the isolation and depression a patient feels while in intensive care. Their video displays the beach outside, the street in front, or simply the corridors in the hospital.

Upon entering the hospital, one find the lobby is filled with plush furnishings, a grand piano, and artwork by the famed Japanese artist, Yakuta Toyota.

The restaurant itself is a five star restaurant with a chef instead of a cook, and its meals are top of the line gourmet meals, not cafeteria style fare like at other hospitals.

The patient suites have a tablet that can be used to control the temperature in the room, control the curtains and the lighting. The tablet can be used to contact the staff, the nurse, and the doctor, all one video conferencing software.

The Copa Star cost 155 million dollars to construct and furnish. It is a luxury hospital that D’Or company wants to replicate. They are planning sites in Brasilia and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Its five stories present nine operating rooms, all of them technologically advanced. The hospital staff plans to specialize in cardiology and neurology in particular. We feel that we will be hearing more about this new concept in medical care.

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