The Skin Whitening Cream That Should Be a Permanent Staple in Your Beauty Regimen

Unlike most skin care brands that treat the symptoms of dark spots and uneven skin tones Makari treats the underlying condition.Since its conception Makari has focused its energy on creating an all natural skin lightening cream products that’s aimed primarily towards women and men of color.All of their products are made with argan and carrot oil.However, an ingredient that you may not expect is caviar.Caviar works from the inside to give you luminous wrinkle free skin by possessing two of the most important nutrients in any diet which include omega 3 and omega 6.Omega 3 and omega 6 repairs the skin and protects it from potential damage.Luckily, Markari’s Caviar Face cream does just that and a tad bit more by making sure none of their products are made using Hydroquinone.Hydroquinone is a harmful chemical that has been used in most skin whitening creams for years except for Makari.Makari’s dedication to their consumers health and well being is what makes them a leader in the skin care industry. For more info, go to


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