The Most Edited Pages Of Wikipedia And Why You Should Have A Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia, the popular free online encyclopedia, has released its most highly edited pages for the year 2016. The page that was edited the most was a page that dealt with deaths in 2016. Considering the fact that numerous high profile people died during 2016, this does not come as a surprise. 2016 saw the deaths of political figures such as Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, musician Prince, boxer Muhammad Ali, writer and humans rights activist Elie Wiesel and US astronaut John Glenn.

The second most edited page according to Wikipedia on its online encyclopedia was president elect Donald Trump. Donald Trump’s Wikipedia page had almost 9,000 page edits in 2016. Past president George W. Bus meanwhile topped the list of being the most highly edited page in English on the online Encyclopedia. Bush had 45,862 edits total. Donald Trump’s page is expected to see vastly more Wiki edits in the future as he takes office as president of the USA.

Other highly edited pages include pages about Brexit, or the United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union and the Orlando Terrorist Attack. Highly edited pages don’t have to be at front of the newspaper or in the news. Some highly edited pages include a reality TV show called RuPaul’s Drag Race and a character from a fictional series from decades ago called Beverley Gray. One of the most trending topics on Wikipedia now is a page on fake news.

Should You Get Your Own Wikipedia Page?

If you have an online business or are trying to build up your reputation the answer to that question is a resounding yes. Wikipedia is an easy way to establish credibility to your name and business. This is because Wikipedia is viewed as a credible and authoritative source. It is also a source that is viewed as neutral and unbiased.

When it comes to building up your reputation, Wikipedia is an easy way to create positive or neutral content about yourself. It is one more page that you can use to populate search results and help push down negative, false and incorrect materials. Wikipedia often ranks at the top of search engine results like Google, so it really pays to create a Wikipedia page and a good one at that.

For a Wikipedia page to be truly effective in improving your reputation and marketing your business it needs to be well written and constructed professionally. Wikipedia also sets strict protocols that must followed when a page is created. This includes sources and having no conflicts of interest with the material presented.

An easy way to get a Wikipedia page up and running is through a company called Get Your Wiki. Through this company you can hire Wikipedia experts that can set up a Wikipedia page for a company, business, non profit or any other group quickly and that will meet all of the guidelines of Wikipedia. Get Your Wiki, offers a full money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the page the company creates you get a refund.

Additionally, Get Your Wiki, offers translation services to many different languages. This is perfect if your company has a presence in overseas markets or if you are a targeting a certain demographic. Editing and monitoring services are also offered by Get You Wiki. We have seen that edits can occur quite commonly, so it is important to constantly check and tweak your page as needed. Get Your Wiki offers this service at an affordable rate.

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