John Goullet’s Career Accomplishments

DIVERSANT LLC is the US’ premier African-American held IT firm specializing in providing IT services and solutions. DIVERSANT’s professionals work with passion and commitment to providing personalized services to solve complex IT problems. While other IT firms retard during the economic downturn, DIVERSANT LLC has retained consistent regardless of economic conditions. Today, DIVERSANT LLC has built a reputation as a reliable and customer-focused market leader. At DIVERSANT LLC, IT professionals choose from a broad range of IT positions, extend their professional networks, and access free training and support from the US’ most promising minority-owned IT staffing agency.

DIVERSANT LLC is about growth. The firm focuses on growing your business and moving your career forward. Business and career growth is achieved through superior training, mentoring, and the creation of extensive career opportunities. Furthermore, DIVERSANT LLC allows IT professionals to work in a diverse industry that encourages innovation and collaboration. DIVERSANT fosters a healthy competitive environment and recognition of individual efforts, making it the ideal place to build a rewarding career while extending your professional network.

John Goullet is a renowned entrepreneur behind the success of a series of ventures in the IT sector. His career started as an IT technician before his way up as an IT consultant in 1994. With experience in observing market trends, Goullet founded, Info Technologies in 1994 to provide customized IT services and solutions to Fortune 500 companies across the US. Barely five years in operation, Info Technologies had generated $30 million in revenue, earning it a prestigious position among the fastest growing enterprises nationwide. In the pursuit of reliable and advanced IT solutions, Goullet merged his IT staffing firm, Info Technologies with Gene Waddy’s, DIVERSANT Inc., to for DIVERSANT LLC. As the current chief operating officer of DIVERSANT LLC, John Goullet endeavors to develop advanced, cutting-edge solutions to complex challenges in the IT marketplace.

Through its Advisory Board, DIVERSANT LLC receives guidance from business experts not involved in routine operations of the company. The Board comprises of financial experts and industry leaders responsible for advising on matters regarding strategic planning and commercial growth. The Board meets the company’s management frequently to review performance and market fluctuations.

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