Factors to Consider when Getting Money from Venture Capitalists Such as Mark Sparks

If you want to start a company, you will need some start-up money. Sometimes, entrepreneurs lack enough money, forcing them to find help from other sources. At this point, most people will start looking for venture capitalists who can offer help. However, it’s impossible for the businessmen to just ask for money. Most of the venture capitalists in the modern… More →

The Midas Legacy’s Guidance to Ensure Prosperity

The Midas Legacy is a Winter Garden, Florida-based company that offers consultancy services on matters associated with success and management of wealth. The firm has a broad array of clients, and they include investors, people who need to receive natural healing, anyone who wishes to have internal happiness and peace, people who want to be successful and individuals who want… More →

Martin Lustgarten Knows How Investment Banking Works

Investment banking is one of the more important and lucrative fields in finance. With investment banking firms are able to help a number of companies come up with the capital they need in order to reach their goals. These goals often include earning higher profits, getting more investors and also merging with other companies to improve operations. Therefore investment banking… More →

Securus Technologies calls breach of integrity on GTL

A recent press release conducted by Securus Technologies brings forward a communications company that has reached a breach of integrity. Global Tel Link (GTL) will be brought to the attention of many people as a company that has taken it too far just to collect a dime. Securus Technologies is one of the leading inmate communications company in the region… More →

SEC Whistleblower Attorneys

Since 2010, the importance of American financial regulation has increased. With more and more people coming from all different parts of the economy reporting violations and problems with the federal securities laws, there has been more reform then there has been for almost one hundred years. The Dodd-Frank Act put out by Congress allows for the Securities and Exchange Commission… More →

How Workville NYC Coworking Space Sets the Standard for Today’s Work Environment

  In recent years there have been some non-traditional offices created for people who usually work from remote locations These offices are described as shared working spaces because they allow multiple people to work within the same shared office area. An online business article discussed the positive effects this type of work environment had on the people who chose to… More →

Brian Bonar Receives The Cambridge Who’s Who Award In The Field of Finance

Since 1975, Cambridge Who’s Who has made it their annual mission to identify two male and two female professionals in several fields who “demonstrate leadership and achievement in their industry and occupation.” This year, their prestigious and highly-competitive Executive of the Year award in the field of Finance went to Brian Bonar, the Chairman and Ceo of the Dalrada Financial… More →