Austin Plastic Surgeon Nominated for Woman of the Year

Texas resident and well-known plastic surgeon and media commentator, Dr. Jennifer Walden, has been nominated as a candidate to win the annual Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Woman of the Year Award. This award was created to do two things: to bring awareness to the world about blood cancers and to help end this horrible type of cancer by raising money… More →

Details on Investment Banking and Contributions of Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking firms participate actively in the acquisition of investment funds on behalf of wealthy individuals, government agencies, institutional investors, and other entities. The offer many services ranging from portfolio management, underwriting of securities, issuance of government and company securities, market research, financial opinions, business valuation, to advisory services. Larger banks provide full service to a broad range of clients… More →

Wen by Chaz Gets Positive Review

WEN by Chaz cleansing conditioner was put to the ultimate, real life test by an editor for Bustle, who recently chronicled her experience using Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner as her only shampoo or conditioner product for one week straight. She admitted that her hair is typically fine and lifeless and that she was hoping that Wen by Chaz would… More →

Halvorssen Explains Socialism

Thor Halvorssen, the founder and president of the Human Rights Foundation, was recently featured on Fox Business Network’s show “The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan.” On the segment, Halvorssen was asked about his views on presidential candidate U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders. In particular, Halvorssen was asked to explain to viewers what could be a possible impact of the types of… More →

Igor Cornelsen: The International Investment Expert

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian investor and retired banker. Cornelsen built his career in Brazil where he established himself as one of the nation’s foremost investment bankers. With a keen eye for the market and brilliant expertise, Igor Cornelsen has spent a career bringing massive returns to his global client base. His knowledge on investing is so vast that he… More →

Trying the Atheisure Trend

I was recently inspired by an article on on wearing the athleisure trend. The author of the article on chronicles her fashion evolution from someone who doesn’t care, to fashionista, to someone who wants to be both on trend and comfortable. I thought being on trend and comfortable was a perfect match for me, because if I have… More →

Premium Dog Food Surges Through Market Sales

Delicacy at its finest is now being offered at premium quality dog food vendors all over the world. It is a new market for the delicious blend, and has surged through the sales and hit the billion dollar market. More people are starting to understand and realize the benefits leading to the quality of the dog food and what we… More →