Wikipedia and Gender Equality

In an article published by The New Yorker for its March 11, 2016 issue the bias of Wikipedia writers and editors was examined and then reacted to by a group who felt that the largely male representation of writers and editors for Wikipedia skews important content, is biased toward issues that were of interest and related to men and was patently unfair to women and the issues that women need to know and have represented. A group, largely composed of women, gathered to begin a weekend endeavor aimed at counterbalancing the existing lack of representation of women and issues germane to women by the creation of articles and content for publication in Wikipedia, concentrating on women and issues of interest to women in our culture.

No one is doubting the importance or the political and social impact of Wikipedia, itself. It has served since inception as an information collecting system and service to present the truth, the facts, to those who want to know. 
Wikipedia was launched in January 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger and it has grown to be the seventh most popular website on the Internet. Wikipedia is referenced again and again by writers, students and anyone with an interest in anything at all. Wikipedia is much easier to use than an encyclopedia which is collecting dust on the bottom shelf of your bookcase. Like anything it has its shortcomings, detractors and opponents but Wikipedia is dedicated to being egalitarian by allowing anyone to format new material or change old material for the better.
Wikipedia writers will collect, collate and insert anyone’s business or information about a person or organization for a fee. Anyone who wishes can contact a Wiki editing service such as Get Your Wiki to have their information included for distribution to the masses or to update a Wiki page that is housing incorrect or inadequate information. For more information about this service, visit
What female Wiki writers need to do is format information for Wikipedia on anybody or anything which is of interest to women. 
Unfortunately the world is full of bias and fear of anything different. Americans are seeing a great deal of bias this year as cable channels “spin” stories to suit the wishes of their owners and managers. This political season we has seen one jingoistic candidate condemning entire races and religions; this type of politician is playing to the fears of the common man. They can get away with this because, sadly, media owners and managers are not really interested in the truth.