Wikipedia and Gender Equality

In an article published by The New Yorker for its March 11, 2016 issue the bias of Wikipedia writers and editors was examined and then reacted to by a group who felt that the largely male representation of writers and editors for Wikipedia skews important content, is biased toward issues that were of interest and related to men and was… More →

George Soros Looking To Stop Another Financial Collapse

  George Soros isn’t one of those people who believes the United States is all the way back from the brink of financial collapse. The billionaire investor has been telling anyone who will listen for a little while now the market looks an awful lot like it did when the markets collapsed in 2008. The markets being on the brink… More →

Jennifer Walden is a truly talented Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgery was once a taboo subject, but today the field has come out of the shadows. Plastic surgery offers solutions for people suffering from a variety of issues. From scar repair and facial reconstruction to improving your looks, plastic surgery offers the solutions that people crave. You need a plastic surgeon on your side, but finding the right surgeon… More →

FreedomPop Continues to Raise Funds for Global Hotspot

One sure sign of a winning start-up is its ability to easily and quickly raise capital to expand it services. FreedomPop is one such example. As reported in the tech news and analysis website, Recode, it seems as if a flurry of investors have lined up to support this free and low-cost cell phone service provider. The most recent round of funding… More →