Solo Capital Leading the Way in Investment Management


Solo Capital is a leading professional firm. Solo Capital Partners LLP offers financial services that are based out of London, England. Since 2011, the Solo Capital Markets have worked globally bringing investors a trusted front and assistance with global investments and proprietary trading. Solo Capital uses their experts in the field to ensure profit gains. This firm provides a variety of services and offers solutions for their clients financial needs. Their customer service is exemplary and is unmatched by their competitors. Their clients trust their services and their advice. Solo Capital is a responsible financial company that works to serve their clients in the best ways possible.

There are three directors within the firm that lead the way to success. Currently their turnover is up 68%. Solo Capital provides stellar financial services to their customers. They are the leaders in the financial sector as well as in the asset management industry. Some of the services provided by Solo Capital include investment management, securities lending, and principal trading services. The specialists at the firm also assist with agency brokerage and safeguarding assets. The professionals at Solo Capital offer three categories of expertise: proprietary trading, consulting, and professional sports investments. Each category is lead by trusted and experienced professionals in the field. Capital Solo offers services with commodities and derivatives. Their consulting experts offer advice with investment opportunities and concerns, along with guidance on performance and human capital. Another service that the specialists at Solo Capital can provide their knowledge and skills with advice on investments such as talent acquisition and commercial advisory and representation. Solo Capital also offers expertise on asset and performance management.

Solo Capital is an authorized agent by the Financial Conduct Authority of the Bank of England Prudential Regulation Authority. By being an authorized agent, Solo Capital has the authority to provide regulated products and services, such as accepting deposits, giving expert investment advice, providing credit to customers, as well as arranging and organizing investment deals for their clients. Their team of professionals provide the most adequate and professional services of any competitor in the financial field.

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