Bruce Levenson: an American Hero

Bruce Levenson is the definition of an American hero. He started out from the bottom in every sense of the word. When he began his career, he worked as a journalist for the Washington Star publication. Working for the Washington Star gave him an idea of the hustle and bustle that it took to satisfy his urge for action. He knew that he wanted the buzz, excitement and collaboration of the newsroom atmosphere, yet he always had a dream of running his own business, so he chose finish law school while working as a journalist full-time and once his schooling was completed, he decided with his friend Ed Peskowitz to start a company known today as the United Communications Group.

The United Communications Group is a company founded by Bruce Levinson and Ed Peskowitz. It is a company that gives newspapers, magazines, businesses, radio pretty much any and all data and statistics they can find useful in a very easy access, easy to navigate fashion. So instead of a news reporter being forced to go out into the field and find the exact statistics himself, he had all the statistics that he needed from his huge reference library of newsletters created by the United Communications Group.

The United Communications Group, a company that was founded in Bruce Levenson’s father’s basement, eventually grew into the hugest news and information company in the world that remained on the private sector.

After all of the years of success and hundreds of millions of dollars in net worth, including two offspring businesses that stemmed as upstarts by the United Communications Group, he chose to invest in the Atlanta Hawks. He purchased the Atlanta Hawks for $200 million from the Turner Communications in 2009. Along with the Atlanta Hawks, he also purchased a huge percentage of the Philips Arena and the Atlanta Thrashers, a well-known hockey team that moved to Canada for a time after he bought the team, which he later sold.

With all of the enormous success that he had acquired, he decided that it is only right to donate his wealth to causes that he vehemently believes in. His impressive donation of time and money to the Hoop Dreams Foundation inspired thousands of powerful entrepreneurs, sports players and politicians to donate, making it one of the NBA’s most successful charities of all time. Its mission is to help impoverished kids attend private schools and colleges.

Since his grandmother was a Holocaust survivor, he felt that it is very important to support the Jewish community any way that he possibly could. He donated tens of millions of dollars to several Jewish organizations including the Holocaust Museum, the Jewish Federation as well as Birthright Israel.

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  1. I cannot believe that after that heart trending offspring businesses that stemmed as upstarts by the United Communications Group, he chose to invest in the Atlanta Hawks. Let him also come invest in our superiorpaper team and he will not be disappointed too. I like great hardworking guys like him.

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