Kenneth Griffith, An accomplished Businessman Who Makes A Difference

Kenneth Griffin of is a focused businessman and CEO of Citadel, a successful financial institution based in Chicago, Illinois. Citadel is a well known financial solutions provider for investment management and technology. Citadel is currently considered one of the world’s largest investment management firms, and is certainly one of the most successful to date. Mr. Griffin has has spoken… More →

The Remarkable Career Success of Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir was born in London but raised in Iran. Shaygan’s father was a specialist in ear nose and throat issues. Shaygan went to Aiglon College in Switzerland where he got his high school education. He later moved to the United States for his university studies where he earned an undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate in electrical engineering from the University… More →

Yeon-mi Park: Global Activist for Change

At an age when many young American women become famous for their pouty lips, prodigious breasts and wild antics, young activists like Yeonmi Park and Malala Yousafzai are busy putting their skills to work to create much needed global change. Born in 1993 in Heysan, North Korea, Yoen-mi Park was born into a world of wealth and privilege. At least… More →

Lime Crime Delights With Vibrant Make Up Line

Doe Deere, an individual on obsessed with fashion and color, began a new and vibrant makeup line. Her obsession with boldness and vibrancy stood out from the first, and the line quickly took off. She began marketing the makeup line on eBay, and soon had a wildly loyal following. The wild colorful became her stable and from that point… More →

Yeonmi Park Uses Print and Video to Spread Message About North Korean Oppression

North Korea is not an easy country to grow up in. Yeonmi Park knows just how difficult it is because she lived there as a child and went to great and dangerous lengths to escape with her mother. The 21-year-old activist now lives in Seoul, South Korea, and is not shy about expressing her disgust with the government that has… More →

Treatment of Spine By North American Spine.

Many people do not realize that techniques employed in spine surgery are different and therefore not equal. In fact, if a specialist is not involved, even the minimally invasive procedures may result to disastrous effects such as injury to healthy tissue or result to a progressive disc illness. Such disastrous conditions would even require future interventions and procedures for treatment.… More →

Bruce Levenson: an American Hero

Bruce Levenson is the definition of an American hero. He started out from the bottom in every sense of the word. When he began his career, he worked as a journalist for the Washington Star publication. Working for the Washington Star gave him an idea of the hustle and bustle that it took to satisfy his urge for action. He… More →