GMO Lawsuits Are Making the News

Mikal Watts is leading a team of legal professionals in a class act lawsuit against Syngenta, who is accused of selling US farmers tainted and genetically-modified corn.

It is estimated that over 20 percent of corn is produced in the United States. In turn, it is exported internationally. Upon receiving tainted corn from Syngenta, recipients closed their ports, which caused a spiraling effect of lose wages for US farmers nationwide. Watts primary focus is to help recover financial damages felt by hundreds of thousands farmers nationwide.

Mr. Watts was born in Corpus Christi, Texas. San Antonio Magazine told that after receiving an undergraduate degree in 1987 from the University of Texas in only two short years, he went on to graduate from the University of Texas Law School in 1989 at 21 years old. Immediately afterwards, he began a successful career in law as a briefing attorney in the Supreme Court of Texas under Hon. Thomas R. Phillips.

In 1990, he was taken on as an associate at the law firm of David L. Perry & Associates in Corpus Christi, Texas, where after only one year, he became partners in the law firm of Perry & Hass, L.L.P. After four extraordinarily successful years, Watts created his own law firm, Harris & Watts. Since then, Mr. Watts has continued his lucrative career in law, and has expanded his practice to 29 offices with over 100 employees.

Ted Bauman is impacting the financial sector

Ted Bauman is a financial advisor who has a great experience. He has served in the industry for over twenty years when he was living in South Africa. He has a broad knowledge in investing with low risk, asset protection, mitigation issues and privacy. Apart from knowing the financial sector, Ted Bauman is a great writer and researcher. He has been writing for Banyan Hill Publishing, and he has attracted a network of readers. Through his best writings, he has commanded attention, and many have been happy with what they get from Ted Bauman.

Ted has worked hard to achieve his goals, but he is not only focused on business. He is a renowned philanthropist who has helped many through his contribution to charitable organizations. When he gets an opportunity to help others, he is always ready and does not want to miss it. Ted Bauman wants others to improve the quality of life. He knows there are unfortunate people in the society, but he always has focused on helping such people.

What was the starting point of his successful career? Bauman went to South Africa from the United States and got the opportunity to attend Cape Town University. Here he studied economics and history. Equipped with this knowledge, he was now ready to launch his career which later became successful. He worked with many organizations and helped them to achieve their goals. He passionate about his career and he would produce some of the best financial reports. Working with international and prestigious organizations has enabled Ted Bauman to acquire a lot of experience.

Bauman has helped some of the biggest organizations in the world like World Bank. He has worked with the government of South Africa and gave great insights. He went on to start the Slum Dwellers International, and today it has helped millions of people in many countries. They have benefitted from this organization directly.

Ted currently lives at Atlanta with his wife and daughter. He works with Banyan Hills Publishing because he finds it fulfilling doing what makes him happy. He wants to help others to achieve financial freedom by investing wisely.

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Sheldon  Lavin Motivating Career Journey

Today’s modern business world has been dominated by very young and brilliant entrepreneurs who have all the hopes to revolutionize the markets. They are brilliant in identifying the best products and have been known for their passion and also dedication towards the provision of quality products in the markets. They have been able to work with a lot of commitment in a mission towards encouraging other people to join.

They have been able to use the modern tools to expand their businesses and have with passion dedicated all their lives to nothing but rather great success. Nothing can match their competence. However, many of these young entrepreneurs are unable to sustain their businesses for long. They lack managerial abilities and also knowledge despite being innovative. Some of them are also very impatient. To reduce these odds of failure, these entrepreneurs are supposed to listen and pay a lot of attention to experienced gurus like Sheldon Lavin who happens to be a reputable professional with a lot of knowledge on how to lead and build great business empires.

Sheldon Lavin is the chairman and also the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, LLC. He has been able to specialize in large-scale operations when it comes to matters financial, and he has dramatically been honored for his passion and expertise. He has been working towards helping companies maintain a good food supply chains. He has been able to consider a wide range of factors that have made him this competitive. He always considers technological advancements, customer preferences and also resource shortages that might affect supply. The factors are very difficult to measure with the price systems.

Sheldon Lavin has been so optimistic about the trending changes that might affect the business. He has been able to work with the world’s most skilled experts who are ready to work with integrity. People who respect their values and. He is always flesh when making his decisions which usually affect the reputation and the future of the company. Sheldon Lavin passion for success and growth has ever been witnessed throughout his career, and he has been very passionate about success. His mission has been to help so many people achieve in their dreams.

Herbalife Is Using Artificial Intelligence To Better Serve Customers

Artificial Intelligence Has Been Accepted

Artificial Intelligence is being seen more and more as a commercial advantage. The majority of fortune 500 CEOs are acknowledging AI as an important component to the future of their companies. Consumers are in line with this because they also believe AI is the wave of the future contributing to our health and wellbeing. They are also finding AI as a way of life, that gives them better shopping and service experiences. Herbalife is using AI to make their customers experiences much better. One of the ways Herbalife is doing this is by using intelligent personal assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home. They are using these assistants to be able to provide product information to their customers on an as needed basis. They will be focused on frequently asked questions and being able to provide this information in an easy and convenient way, using a product that most customers already interact with daily.


Distributor Benefit

Herbalife still prides itself on the personal experience the customers get from the distributors of Herbalife Nutrition. The new goal is to balance the advantage of the personal experience he distributors offer with the technology. As a company Herbalife will continue to improve on technology that can strengthen its distributors and improve the customer experience. For distributors alone the company wants to boost productivity, retention success and efficiency of the its knowledgeable and skilled distributors.


About Herbalife Nutrition

Herbalife began as a company that wanted to change the nutritional habits of the entire world. The start of the company was influenced by the weight loss issues that Mark Hughes mother had. She eventually passed away due to an eating disorder and unhealthy weight loss attempts. The first product produced by the company was a weight management assisting protein shake. In its early years the company was the fastest growing American company. Its sales went from $386 thousand to $423 million over the span of five years. Three years later the company reached global expansion and had worldwide sales of $191 million.

Freedom Checks Is Offering Billions To Investors

There is a new tax plan that has passed on the government already. This means businesses are now capable of earning bigger as the tax breaks provided a lowered tax to contribute. There will be billions to offer for a lot of investors as a result of this tax reform, and it’s going to happen soon in August. That’s why there is a new type of check that investors can gain huge profit from Freedom Checks.

Some Americans are already expecting more than $10,000 as payout for them thanks to their investments at Freedom Checks. This ensures that many people can finally enjoy the wonders of early retirement in just a few months as long as they provide a good amount to invest. This also means that investors should plan things out properly by placing a good amount to invest for it to grow exponentially.

Freedom Checks are already placed in the market as of July 1, but some advice that the best time to invest in it is within August. To do so, 90% of an investor’s business revenue must come from transportation, usage, and purchase of natural resources only. This is an interesting investment as it shows that the checks are also aiming for an eco-friendly solution for a better world to live in. Companies that met the said requirement must also transfer the revenue to the stakeholders that are going to handle the Freedom Checks.

This is actually a flexible type of investment as you can gain a huge profit from it even if you only invested $10. Take note that even college students who have money to invest can do this as well – granting them a good opportunity even if they don’t have any careers as of now. We are talking about tens of thousands of dollars as profit that a single investor can gain here!

But be wary that there are some companies that are using this fact as a means to promote their own services in a selfish way. It just damages the reputation of Freedom Checks. But what can make it better is that they actually have an investment rule. The real checks make sure that they will never provide any cash payouts at all. Instead, they will provide the growth of investments once they found out that an investor is constantly providing investments on their end. This is totally different from the propaganda that some businesses are doing when they use the checks as a marketing strategy of their own.

9 Powerful Tips For Upwork Freelancer To-Do Lists

Many people on Upwork, the freelancing website, have a hard time completing a to-do list that they sought to finish. Wouldn’t you like a clear mind to get your list done and focus on the things you enjoy? Here are 9 tips to get you through your to-do list:

  1. Make sure everything is on your list.

People have a tendency to try to remember certain tasks instead of writing them all down. It is actually more effective to write down everything, and keep the incomplete tasks out of your mind.

  1. Have your list ready for the day.

Energy in the body is at its highest point in the morning. Instead of waking up and creating your to-do list, prepare it in advance.

  1. Keep your tasks in one place.

It can be hard sometimes to locate all of tasks you have. They could be in files, emails, or even in the messages on the Upwork platform. Considering the nature of Upwork, you can find client information scattered all over.

  1. Allocate your time.

Instead of looking at your list unprepared. Set a time frame for each task, and that way you will give yourself windows of opportunity.

  1. Set priorities.

It is a good idea to be aware of the time of the day that you usually have the most free time. By doing so, you can assign your most important tasks to those times.

  1. Use procastination to your advantage.

There is a saying that 20% of the work can produce 80% of the results. If you see yourself taking on something new, ask yourself which will bring you more value and go after that.

  1. Delegate your tasks.

Sometimes there is just not enough time in the day. Delegate tasks to others on your team. This is popular among freelancers on the Upwork platform.

  1. Split up large tasks.

If you find a task on your list to be particularly overwhelming, simply break it up into sub-tasks.

  1. Combine tasks.

If you have two similar tasks, it is smart to complete them together to save time.



Dr. Saad was born in 1940 in Palestine, a time recorded in history when Palestine was under dramatic transformations. Dr, Saad’s father was a petroleum mechanic. He grew up in Kuwait with other seven siblings. He obtained a medical degree from the University of Cairo. He did his internship in the United Kingdom before leaving for the USA he did a pediatric surgery and as the board in his medical profession certified such. He was placed at King Specialist Hospital working station. In his working station, the chief and the protocol office could assign him surgical responsibilities ranging from simple to complex. In one of his assignments, he did a surgery to a kid who was admitted to the hospital with an aneurysm. Through his successful completion of the assigned surgery, he attracted the international scientific journal to air the facts of Dr. Saad procedure aiming at educating others. He gained a lot of positive reputation from the surgery from his work colleagues because his expertise and knowledge were outstanding. As such, his recommendations on patients in need of surgery were highly taken into consideration. He has served as a co-medical director and the chief surgeon at K Hovnanian Children Hospital. He retired recently, and his residence is at Red Bank, New Jersey.


During his tenure as a surgeon, he initiated and the development of the surgical residency program. Again, he was instrumental in the creation and linking a formidable working connectedness with the Royal College of Surgeons in the United Kingdom. This was to enable students to acquire their United Kingdom surgeon validation in Saudi Arabia. Through these significant accomplishments, multiple students in Saudi Arabia today have the pleasure to take surgical training from the home countries without traveling abroad for certification. Dr. Saad made critical innovations in the medical field. For instance, he invented the endoscope used by doctors in every corner. The endoscopes are crucial in the medical area as they are used to assess the lungs, esophagus, and patient stomach. He invented the endoscope attached to the suction device. The suction device allows the doctor to keep the endoscope inside the patient body with the suction tube activated. Besides, Dr. Saad invented an electronic catheter. He invented the electronic catheter to counter the effects of overexposing the body to ex-rays as they are subject to destroying the body. The electronic catheter has an essential electromagnetic location device at its far end, and it helps the doctor to hold the catheter when scanning the body. Dr. Saad trusts in modernizing the medical field. Learn more:

Avaaz: Empowering People through Online Activism

Avaaz was first launched in the United States in January 2007. It is an online based organization, whose main aim is to promote international activism on issues such as human rights, climate change, conflicts, animal rights and poverty. The organization was once quoted by the UK based newspaper, the Guardian as the as the world’s largest and most powerful online activist network. Since it was launched the online movement has managed to advocate for various issues that affect millions of people across the Globe.

Avaaz literally means “voice” in several dialects in Europe, Asian and the Middle East. The online activist movement works to empower millions of people from across the world. It always emphasizes its members or followers to take bold action on pressing international, national and regional issues ranging from poverty, climate change, corruption, and conflict. The model of online participation makes it easy for the group to champion people from all walks of life across the world.

Avaaz uses 15 languages to campaign across 6 continents. Most of the members are volunteers and mostly participate by launching petitions, funding media campaigns, emailing, organizing of offline protest lobbying governments among other activities which are meant to that views and values that matter most are heard by relevant authorities.

Ricken Patel is the Chief Executive Officer and Founding President. He is a Canadian/British citizen and has worked with International Crisis Group in various countries around the World including Afghanistan, Sudan, and Sierra Leone.

Avaaz is largely member-funded and rarely does it accept donations from politicians or foreign governments. The organization has a strict policy regarding its funding model in a bid to protect its main agenda of fighting for pressing issue around the world. One of the reasons as to why the organization have remained united and grown over the years is its core values such as integrity and the ability to accommodate divergent views.

The Illustrious Success Randal Nardone Has In the Business World

Randal Nardone joins Forbes Billionaire List, along with Mark Zuckerberg
Randal Nardone joins Forbes Billionaire List, along with Mark Zuckerberg

It’s all joy when someone dreams of something and later become it. Most people just dream of becoming billionaires in days to come, but they hardly achieve this. Nonetheless, other people have such dreams, and they amazingly achieve them. If you talk to a reputable business leader like Randal Nardone, you will discover some people become what they dream. As an executive leader at Fortress Investment Group, Randal has made huge contributions, making him a man of many captivating headlines. Great men like Randal are people who have made titanic shifts in life. He is a trained legal professional, but he opted to change his career and focus on finance.

He knew he was getting into a competitive market, but the deep conviction within him about the achievements ahead kept him going. His perseverance and focus on his goals have made him a man of great reputation on the global platform. Most of the upcoming business leaders and executives find him a role model on the financial matters and executive business management. His guardians and teachers noticed something unique about Randal Nardone while he was still in school. His exceptional hard work made them realize he was headed to greatness.

The academic background has made Randal Nardone the esteemed man he is today. Although finance was his second career, his performance in the business world has been tremendous. It doesn’t matter how far you intend to go in life, but you would have to start from somewhere. Randal realized this, and he started his finance career at Thacher Proffit and kept climbing the ladder to the top management of the company.

When he joined Fortress Investment Group, many people had great expectations that he would make the company great. He didn’t disappoint any of these expectations. As one of the Board of Directors, Randal introduced incredible changes that gave the company a global touch. He was the interim CEO of this great company from 2011 before he was confirmed the company’s Chief Executive Officer in 2013. Randal Nardone was also a resourceful leader in other companies such as GAGFAH, Alea Group Holdings, USB, Brookdale Senior Living, and Eurocastle Investment Limited. Randal wasn’t just the CEO of the Fortress Group, but also one of its founders. Meet Fortress Investment Group’s Ex-Billionaire Interim CEO

NGP VAN – Software that Helps Elections

NGP VAN is a Washington, D.C based company who uses its advanced software platform to give Progressive and Democratic campaigners and other organizations state-of-the-art fundraising and networking capabilities. Within every state, NGP VAN has contributed to the success of candidates being elected and keeping compliance within federal guidelines.

Not only is NGP VAN helping significant organizations in the United States with technologically driven software to win immensely at whatever endeavors, but also to enable crucial organizations around the world to realize their ideas and agendas that are foremost in making lives better, the environment safer, leading and shaping whatever goals in their sight versus their competitors.

The development of the MiniVAN app for iOS and Android is for paperless door-to-door canvassing, and instantaneous information upload as needed, note recording, maps and walk lists for voter contact. Follow up is initiated using this device in the event of noncontact with a potential voter, to note the address, etc.

An article was written in Neighbor Post, dated April 2, 2018, referencing NGP VAN as regarded as a “ DC-based political software company in NGP VAN promotes LGBTQ-inclusion.” The progressive Democratic rhetoric by stating the importance of inclusion of the LGBTQ community, as a growing voting block, is seen by some as harvesting of new voters. This focus on this quite substantial group of voters is significant if the LGBTQ block community agrees with the progressive Democratic message, which would address their concerns.

NGP VAN is hard working at advancing the scope of women in the job marketplace. They participated in the “International Day Without Women” day to lend focus to the social and economic plight of women who embraced solidarity around the world in an “act in solidarity to promote women’s human rights, oppressed people of any gender and equity.” NGP VAN female employees were encouraged to participate in this demonstration. With the discontent of a small segment of the female demographic, the progressive Democrats have realized that gender is another key to promoting inclusion of group, also, as a voting block.

NGP VAN has lent its tools to achieve the successful campaigns for Barack Obama, and other high profile candidates (i.e., Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders) in the 2016 elections. They assist large and small groups: municipalities, nonprofits and diverse organizations using data analytics. This company, like other companies, are narrowing the scope of what voters are looking for from their future political leaders.

Infinity Group Australia: Company Foundation and Profile

The Infinity Group Australia was started in 2013 as a financial company targeting the Australian loans and real estate markets. The company, under the helm of Graeme Holm, specializes in using a customer-driven approach when dealing with its customers. Since its foundation, the company has achieved tremendous growth while increasing its market presence.




The founder, Graeme Holm, is regarded as one of the prominent financial experts in Australia. He has been classified as an MBA Top 100 Broker with over 17 years of experience and expertise in financial services. His push to establish a revolutionary financial solution for the Australian market spans his entire career. While working for other banking institutions, Graeme noticed and got frustrated with the products and services that financial companies pushed clients to take.




With the inspiration, Graeme decided to start his own company, Infinity Group Australia Pty Ltd, which he branded as a contemporary financial solution to Australians. The company has also been working towards changing the way financial solutions are rendered to customers. For instance, Infinity champions coaching its customers and giving them financial lessons on how to optimize on this incomes and expenditures while managing their loans well. The prudent financial planning lessons that the company has been offering clients have placed the company in a strategic position to succeed in the competitive Australian market.




The supportive framework that the company has been operating under has been revolutionary. The highly customized services give clients a peace of mind, knowing that their financial lives would be well sorted under the guidance of the company’s financial advisors and wealth managers. According to customer reviews, the company has instilled some SMART goals on clients while helping other clients to realize theirs.




To help entrench its products and services to the customers, the company has been working with the local community through collaboration programs. It has also participated in corporate social responsibility programs such as giving away assets like cars, volunteering to renovate homes, among other sponsorship programs.




In its future strategic direction, the company targets improving its customer service by introducing new products and features. This initiative, according to Graeme, would be facilitated by the incorporation of financial technology into the company’s operations and customer service. Learn more: