Human Rights Advocate and Film Producer Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen became involved full-time with advocating for human rights when his father was held as a political prisoner in Venezuela. However, he began advocating for the South African apartheid in 1989 when he was an adolescent in London. Due to his father becoming a political prison, Thor Halvorssen founded the Human Rights Foundation. The Human Rights Foundation promotes the advocacy of individual rights, liberating political prisoners, and seeks to encourage tolerance and democracy in Latin America.

Since his founding of the Human Rights Foundation it has led to the release of seven prisoners of conscience, submitted evidence in international human rights cases and to Truth Commissions, as well as published two books on individual rights and the responsibilities of the state. Thor Halvorssen continues to work tirelessly in the political involvement of the foundation to lobby for the release of the Chinese political prisoner Liu Xiaobo. He also advocates for legislative efforts in Uganda to change the policies that condemn homosexuality with the penalty of death.

The Human Rights Foundation has organized many events to promote and lobby for human rights. In 2014, the foundation hosted the event Hack North Korea that was aimed at getting new ideas and information into North Korea. The foundation also plays host in a series of one-day events that educates students about individual rights and democracy. Such one-day events have been held at the University of Colorado Boulder, Tufts University and .

The encouragement of human rights does not stop as the founder of the Human Rights Foundation. Thor Halvorssen of multiple films that highlight events of the world that have diminished human rights. His film Freedom’s Fury Halvorssen tells the story of the uprising against the dictatorship in Hungary 1956. In Hammer and Tickle he uses humor mixed with ridicule as a means of distinguishing between propaganda and reality under Soviet tyranny. The documentary film Indoctrinate U highlights cultural intolerane on college campuses.

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Bruce Levenson’s Sale Of The Atlanta Hawks Now Has A Court Case

Bruce Levenson sold the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks in 2015 after owning the majority of their shares since 2004. The sale itself was unanimously approved by the NBA and all governing bodies, but in the days following the sale Levenson and his fellow owners at Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment (AHBE) found themselves in a battle with their former insurance company, AIG. What happened was Levenson and the other former owners had opted to buyout former General Manager Danny Ferry’s contract, and Ferry had filed a claim with AIG that should have been covered under the current policy. But AIG is not honoring the claim and now Levenson is taking them to court over failure to payout. More information on

Bruce Levenson isn’t only a former NBA owner, he’s a successful entrepreneur who founded Unified Communications Group (UCG). He founded UCG after completing his bachelor’s degree in journalism at Washington University. He had first wanted to go into law, but after working for the now defunct Washington Star newspaper he decided journalism was his passion. He and his friend Ed Peskowitz started UCG with a single newsletter published out of their own apartment in 1977, but it became highly successful that they soon built a massive company with publications and market research in energy, education, investing and mortgage banking. UCG also is the founding company of GasBuddy, a widely used gas price app.

Bruce Levenson has given back to the Washington D.C. community on many occasions and is a trustee at the Holocaust Memorial Museum, He helped start the “Bringing the Lessons Home” program there for young people to learn the importance of the Holocaust and share their knowledge as museum tour guides. He also was the president of “I Have a Dream” Foundation, a scholarship fundraising program for inner city minorities. He is also on the boards of SEED Foundation, Birthright Israel and Seeds of Peace.


Madison Street Capital- an Investment Banking Firm with the best Financial Advisory Services

When it comes to banking, Madison Street Capital is among the best-suited companies in the sector. The company has been in existence for many years and is dedicated to excellence, service, integrity and leadership when offering advisory services that are entirely financial. The advisory services are usually sought by corporate clients such as ARES Security Corporation. Apart from providing consulting services about the field of finance, the banking investment firm also offers acquisition as well as merger expertise, valuation services to both public and private corporations and also financial opinions. As a result of the services provided by the Madison Street Capital, companies can thrive in the global market. Due to the quality services provided, the clients always keep flowing. Hence, a further discussion about Madison Street Capital will be incorporated in this context.

Through the open mode of business operations, Madison Street Capital reputation has continued to thrive beyond reasonable doubt. As an investment banking firm, the company mainly deals in offering financial advice. Among the clients who have sought the services provided by the businesses are such as ARES Security Corporation. When it comes down to the security sector, ARES Security Corporation is among the leading companies in providing security risk management. So as to provide the best security solutions, the security corporation offers efficient end-to-end security solutions that are software based.

Since Madison Street Capital provided financial advisory services to ARES Security Corporation, the Madison investment firm arranged a subordinated debt investment as well as minority equity. The company involved in the carrying out the minority investment transaction is known as Corbel Structured Equity Partners. The deal involving ARES Security Corporation and Madison Street Capital was pioneered by the Senior Managing Director at the Madison Investment firm, Reginald McGaugh.

Striking a deal with ARES Security Corporation was among the best deals that Madison Street Capital has ever carried out- this is because, the company is among the leading providers of end to end software based security. Besides, since the security offered by the corporation is top notch, companies with significant assets always trust in the security provided by the organization. Also, apart from providing the best security solutions, ARES Security Corporation also has a labor force that is one of a kind. The workforce of the security corporation tasked Madison Street Capital with vouching for the most suitable financing partner.

Since Madison Street Capital is among the renowned investment firms, they decided to analyze the value of the company. After the evaluation, Madison investment firm vouched for the Corbel Structured Equity Partners as the most suitable financing partners. Afterward, the organization finally had a new capital structure, and they felt comfortable with the new structure.

Owing to the fact the Madison Street Capital had already played its role, Ares and Corbel had now formed a new working relationship. The working relationship between the two companies was aimed at ensuring that the equity value that was there before the two corporations joined hands would gain a significant increase in the equity value. The equity value will inevitably increase because Corbel has a capital solution that is flexible. Besides, since Corbel is well acquainted with various industry contacts, other significant sources of revenue will arise.

Copacabana Gets A New Hospital

There is a hospital on Copacabana beach. The resort beach has found a new business along the beach, and it’s a different type of idea to ever come to Copacabana. The hospital is called the Copa Star, and it’s a different kind of hospital, very much suited for the idea of Copacabana, anyway.

It’s a five star luxury hospital. The new facility has attracted worldwide attention as it announced its suites for patients, instead of rooms. It has robotic equipment in its technologically advanced operating rooms. Boasting robotic equipment, its nine operating rooms have state of the art capacity to handle any situation.

Patients are no longer required to lay in a dreary room and live a dreary, dismal existence. The ideology of the Copa Star is to make patients feel well treated and pampered, and indeed, they are.

They don’t have patient rooms, they have 155 suites for patients, and 59 intensive care rooms where patients can control a video display of what’s going on around them. This is to treat and ameliorate the isolation and depression a patient feels while in intensive care. Their video displays the beach outside, the street in front, or simply the corridors in the hospital.

Upon entering the hospital, one find the lobby is filled with plush furnishings, a grand piano, and artwork by the famed Japanese artist, Yakuta Toyota.

The restaurant itself is a five star restaurant with a chef instead of a cook, and its meals are top of the line gourmet meals, not cafeteria style fare like at other hospitals.

The patient suites have a tablet that can be used to control the temperature in the room, control the curtains and the lighting. The tablet can be used to contact the staff, the nurse, and the doctor, all one video conferencing software.

The Copa Star cost 155 million dollars to construct and furnish. It is a luxury hospital that D’Or company wants to replicate. They are planning sites in Brasilia and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Its five stories present nine operating rooms, all of them technologically advanced. The hospital staff plans to specialize in cardiology and neurology in particular. We feel that we will be hearing more about this new concept in medical care.

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Presidential Power Shift Signals Towards Steadier Markets

The new administration has certainly made their position of power heard as each new policy change and executive order sends ripples around the world. As the legality and potential benefits of the policy changes are challenged in courts it only becomes understandable that an air of uncertainty would begin to further descend on the financial markets across the country.

Though the short-term outlook may seem yet to be decided, one executive has begun to see the clearing in the storm. Tim Armour of Capital Group, a Los Angeles-based firm that manages over one trillion dollars in assets for its clients, recently came on the record with the Financial Times saying the country has reached an inflection point across its financial markets brought upon by the drastic changes taking place in Washington.

Armour was optimistic that the recent political atmosphere signaled the end of declining interest rates. The leader of Capital Group went on to say of the interest rates, “(I)nterest rates have been declining pretty much for my whole career, and my guess is that we’ve seen the bottom.”

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The sentiments expressed by Armour are made before some other investment groups have begun to recognize the signs of change.

As with every downturn, the upswing in the financial markets has begun gradually, understandably leading some investment groups to still be wary of its coming.

Armour, who took over the helm of Capital Group after the passing James Rothenberg, has steered the firm towards safer financial waters since taking the chair in 2016. Armour lost no time after assuming the role of chairman to work alongside one of the world’s largest telecom company, partnering with Samsung Asset Management.

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Jason Hope Issues Inspiring Comments On Internet Of Things

The technological landscape has been moving rapidly, introducing new and advanced technologies that have helped to shape the world and life in general. Internet of things is among recent bubbles in the world of technology that have changed many things about life.

It has made life more interesting by eliminating the many tasks humans had to conduct physically and replacing them with intelligent technology. Jason Hope has been taking a lot of time reviewing and exploring internet of things and in a recent article, he shone light into the topic. He cited that internet of things is promising and could define the tech industry in the near future.

From refrigerators to vehicles, internet of things is connecting many things to make them more efficient and easy to navigate. Through internet of things, people can now control their environment using mobile devices. Houses can be fitted with systems that can be controlled remotely via the internet to regulate heating and lighting as one would want the environment to be. All these changes have occurred thanks to the developments that have happened in the scene of internet of things. It will surely define the future and offer a more interesting approach to managing life.

Philanthropic ventures of Jason Hope
Jason Hope is a renowned entrepreneur, whose passion from technology has seen him invest a lot of time reviewing and learning about various technologies introduced to the world. He also comes out as a lover of humanity and a member of different philanthropic foundations, to which he contributes both financially and through his time.

Innovation and entrepreneurship
Most importantly, Jason Hope believes in the development of entrepreneurship and innovation. To support this spirit, he developed an incubation hub, which has been accepting entrepreneurs with great ideas but no sufficient resources to kick start their journey in entrepreneurship.

Wessex Institute of Technology Journals Aim to Harmonize Scientists in Different Areas of Study

The Wessex Institute of Technology journals (or WIT Press) allow for the various disciplines of science to work together on solutions to global issues. There are six journals available in hard copy or online and an additional two more journals are expected in 2017. Researchers, scientists, and instructors work with each to discuss various topics that include environmental problems, upholding heritage culture, modern transportation modes, energy production, and computational methods. Safety engineering, the integration of science and nature, and environmental planning and development are also addressed.

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For over thirty years WIT Press has offered a platform for those in the specified fields to discuss issues and offer solutions. Wessex Press publishes the contents of the Wessex Institute of Technology conferences. These publications are offered on their eLibrary. Those interested may subscribe to the journals and also request book flyers on specific subjects. In addition to professional scientists, these journals are useful to graduate students and managers in relative fields. Their headquarters are in Southampton in the United Kingdom and Boston, Massachusetts.

How Oncotarget Is Contributing The Advancements in Science

There’s many reasons why someone may want to consider visiting Oncotarget to conduct their researching in the fields of science and oncology. It is a website that updates its scholarly reviewed articles of scientific findings on a weekly basis and has several resources for people who are either involved or interested in the scientific community to benefit from. The journal is peer reviewed and is also published by Dove Press. . It is truly an opportunity for people to understand what is occurring in the world of science as well as an opportunity in which people may use the resources that are available to make their own contributions to scientific studies, analysis, and researching.

If you are unsure about what Oncotarget offers you, then please feel free to visit the website and ask any questions that you may have in the “contact us” section. It is a website that is quite easy to navigate through and has been designed with simplicity in its layout. It is a website that reflects the efforts that have been made and is continuing to be made in the world of science, oncology, and scientific discoveries. It should not be considered as being a place where one can attain information on just one sector of science. Instead, it is a site that is updated regularly on a vast array of scientific researched findings in several different sectors of the field of science. The ultimate goal of the website is the end all diseases in life. Would that not be a near miracle? If we continue to work towards making as much advancement as possible on a continuous basis, then such a world may be within our reach. However, we as a human race need to research through compilations of updated findings to ensure that we are doing what we can to advance in science regularly. This is what will keep us going strong as a society. Stay updated with Oncotarget on

Better Services for InnovaCare with Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

Emerging the best in the health sector is something that requires a lot of dedication by the leaders. The health care facility has to use all the tricks and more they should come with an advanced way of provision of services to the citizens so that they can be satisfied. With the advancement in technology, many firms are now offering excellent services, and patients can now appreciate the services they can get from the healthcare facilities.

There is a company that has performed better than all the others in the field because of employing a strong leadership that is visionary and goal-oriented. It is none other than InnovaCare health which sought the services of the great leaders such as Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides. The company has come with services that are affordable, but at the same time, they are quality services. Customers are flocking, and they had to expand their market because of the increase of the members. The success is attributed to the introduction of the two leaders who have a vast experience in the field.

When leaders such as Rick Shinto came in 2012, he introduced unique services to the company and new leadership methods. He worked with Penelope Kokkinides and other professionals to ensure that the firm provides excellent services and it is friendly to customers. For instance, Rick Shinto insists on educating the patients and establishing a relationship with the friends and relatives of the patient so that they can offer support where they can. These new developments have made customers happy with the services, and they have become members prompting the company to expand to other areas. The expansion is because of the demand for excellent services by the citizens. View their website to learn more

Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto attended the State University of California where he obtained a degree in the field of medicine. He also furthered his education and got an MBA from the State University of Redlands. He has been a professional for many years and has achieved great success in the field of medicine and healthcare. Rick Shinto had worked in various places before he moved to work with InnovaCare. He is also an author of journals and different articles talking about the health industry.

He worked as the Chief Executive Officer Aveta. Since he joined InnovaCare Health, he has come with various ways that are unique, and that has provided great success to the company. With the support of Peneople Kokkinides, they are set to go far because they are able leaders. Penelope Kokkinides is also experienced in the field and has worked in different places before InnovaCare sought her services.

The Rise Of Brazilian Banks In A Growing Economy

In light of the economic crisis, some financial institutions have been experiencing a downfall in their businesses. However, two companies in Brazil have managed to surpass their competitors and retain their high profits even in light of the crisis – Itau Unibanco (ITUB) and Banco Bradesco (BBD). Both the companies have seen a tremendous increase in their share rate and have witnessed a considerable profit increase on Facebook since 2014. While Itau Unibanco saw a 36 percent increase in their net worth over the past three years, Banco Bradesco saw an increase by 28 percent.

According to the original article, published by CNBC, journalist Igor Cornelsen broke down the workings of these two banks and let out the commercial secrets which these banks have implemented which have contributed to their growth. According to the article published, Brazilian banks in the private sector have managed to give to the customers exactly what they want and have managed to fulfill the demand for banks which offer them a good credit.

The Brazilian economy only has a total of ten major players. These ten major players act as a powerhouse which has contributed to the overall uphaul of the banking sector on Tumblr. Also, the merging of numerous top-tier banks has significantly contributed to the growth of the Brazilian banking sector.

The Brazilian government is now putting into action various policies that contribute to the overall growth and development of the banking sector at The current finance minister has been working towards the growth of private sector banks, which has led to the overall development of the industry.

Also, Igor Cornelsen also outlines how Brazil’s economy has been going uphill over the years owing to their trade relations with China. Brazil is currently the number one country that China trades with, and thus, this overall investment into the country is one of the reasons the banking sector has been receiving good light in recent years.

Igor Cornelsen also mentioned in his article how the Real is currently an overvalued currency in the world, and that is one of the major contributing reasons for the growth of the banking sector and overall economy of Brazil.