GMO Lawsuits Are Making the News

Mikal Watts is leading a team of legal professionals in a class act lawsuit against Syngenta, who is accused of selling US farmers tainted and genetically-modified corn.

It is estimated that over 20 percent of corn is produced in the United States. In turn, it is exported internationally. Upon receiving tainted corn from Syngenta, recipients closed their ports, which caused a spiraling effect of lose wages for US farmers nationwide. Watts primary focus is to help recover financial damages felt by hundreds of thousands farmers nationwide.

Mr. Watts was born in Corpus Christi, Texas. San Antonio Magazine told that after receiving an undergraduate degree in 1987 from the University of Texas in only two short years, he went on to graduate from the University of Texas Law School in 1989 at 21 years old. Immediately afterwards, he began a successful career in law as a briefing attorney in the Supreme Court of Texas under Hon. Thomas R. Phillips.

In 1990, he was taken on as an associate at the law firm of David L. Perry & Associates in Corpus Christi, Texas, where after only one year, he became partners in the law firm of Perry & Hass, L.L.P. After four extraordinarily successful years, Watts created his own law firm, Harris & Watts. Since then, Mr. Watts has continued his lucrative career in law, and has expanded his practice to 29 offices with over 100 employees.

Susan McGalla Paves the Way for New Generation of Female Leaders

Susan McGalla is one of the most successful businesswomen in all of the clothing industry. This is not a fluke. No woman rises to the top as a successful entrepreneur the way that she does without having a lot of determination and dedication to her craft. McGalla is a business woman that obtained a degree in marketing and she continued to climb up the corporate ladder.

Tons of people are interested in what Susan McGalla has to say. She is a very smart entrepreneur that knows how to help so many people thar are interested in moving into the corporate sector. She knows the marketing business, and building brands has become her expertise. There is certainly a great amount of knowledge flowing from the mind of Susan McGalla about building successful brands.

It is easy to see how she has become this power leader that has a great desire to help more people obtain the confidence to get into corporate roles. She has proven that she knows just what it takes to make the best decisions when it comes to profits and building a brand. It is obvious she is a leader and her resume has helped her move to the top of the list as one of the most successful women in business.

Marketing professionals can learn from Susan McGalla because she has been in the business for a long time. She knows what makes customers tick. Susan McGalla knows how to get people to buy products and become loyal to a brand. This is not something that is easy to do. It takes real skills to make people see the value in patronizing a particular brand. Susan has been able to do this twice as a CEO, and now she is doing even more for brand awareness with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Susan created her own company at one time, and she gave multiple clients the chance to become familiar with her branding tactics. She has certainly become a stronger business leader in her time as a consultant. McGalla knows all the things that are essential for brand building.


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Oncotarget, a Medical Journal Dealing With Oncology

Individuals are encouraged to read these articles more so because the journal is free. This means that it can be easily accessible. Publication is on a weekly basis so individuals can look forward to different topics every now and then.


The world of medicine is often considered complex. There are various diseases with difficult names as well as technology that most people have never seen nor heard. The Oncortarget is a journal created to make people understand what they consider difficult. This is through creating familiarity with different diseases and changes in technology that take place regularly. The aim of the publishers is to create a link between different professionals involved in the field. This can be done when they come together and give their opinions about a particular medical topic that people want to know about. Special publications can be done for these situations. Some of these professionals have taken part in the research work themselves and would want to share their research with the world. This further enhances the link between the individuals involved. One of the topics that have been covered is cancer diagnosis and treatment. The inputs of patients who have struggled with this are often included in the articles so that people can relate.

Cellular Rejuvenation As Published By Oncotarget

One of the articles published focuses on how the aging process can be decreased, hence increasing the lifespan of an individual. Research was done by comparing the effects of dietary and calorie restriction. Making changes in the diet is considered to be more effective when it comes to cellular rejuvenation. In this method individuals only feed on specific items and sometimes fasting is incorporated. The latter reduces the amount of energy one can get from food. Overeating is said to hasten the aging process. This particular research was done on mice. They were fed on an energy-dense diet and then studied for a while. With time they became obese and had premature deaths. The same results can be assumed on the human population. Reducing the amount of food individuals consume can be instrumental in the anti-aging process, which is doing the opposite of what was involved in the study. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.

Should You Sleep In Your Contact Lenses?

If you wear contacts on a daily basis, chances are you’ve fallen asleep wearing your contact lenses more than once. It’s common knowledge that eye doctors don’t support this practice, but how bad could wearing your contacts to bed really be?


It’s important to know how wearing contacts every day affects your body. The contact lens is a foreign object that you’re introducing to your body, so it may take a while for your eyes to adjust. Contact lenses can also make the eyes dry or irritated, and your eyes may water when the contact comes in contact with your eye due to the contact solution. Your contact lenses will also need constant moisture throughout the day, which means you’ll need to be able to blink comfortably and often to prevent dry eyes.


When you wear your contacts to sleep, you’re reducing the amount of ambient oxygen that your eyes are exposed to. Ambient oxygen is necessary for cornea health, and while you can still get this form of oxygen from the blood cells, you produce much during sleep than in waking hours. This can cause hypoxia, or a significant lack of oxygen specific to a region of the body.


Sleeping in your contact lenses can also increase your risk of eye infection. Bacteria can get onto your cornea while you’re wearing the contacts, and if your eyes are closed, you aren’t blinking to flush the toxins away. Doctors say this could make it easier for the bacteria to actually eat away at your cornea. Physicians recommend taking your contacts out before bed every night, even if you’ve been prescribed extended wear contacts.


For more information on how to keep your eyes healthy, check out the Huffington Post.

Scott Rocklage: The New Wave of Healthcare Treatments



Dr. Scott M. Rocklage Joined 5AM in 2003 as a partner to the business and was promoted to managing partner in 2004. Dr. Rocklage established a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry from the University of California and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from MIT. He has accomplished over 30 years in the healthcare field. The Doctor office is based in Boston, MA and he is the owner of over 30 U.S. copyrights. Mr. Ph.D. has served as CEO for major companies that include Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Nycomed Salutar, Salutar, and Catalytica, “experience with strategic leadership responsibilities that led to FDA approval of three U.S. New Drug Applications (Omniscan™, Teslascan® and Cubicin®).”


Scott Rocklage


There are no two days alike at 5AM for Dr. Scott M. Rocklage. One day could be full of board meetings while another day could be simple portfolio editing. His visions are brought to existence with assistance frin experienced scientists, doctors, or business professionals. The thing that excites him the most is the progression of cancer treatments. The thing that perfects the entrepreneur goals is time-management and the focus of prioritization.


5AM Ventures


5AM Ventures is a life science building company based in California. The goal of the company is to resolve life-changing medical outcomes. These objectives are accomplished through a wide-range of investors, fundraisers, and healthcare professionals. The company has 18 investment professionals and offices located in San Francisco plus Boston. 5AM was founded in 2002 with just fewer than 1 billion in management capital. Ongoing research investments include just over 285 million.

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End Citizens United Focuses on Uphill Battle to Campaign Finance Reform

End Citizens United is a political action committee, or PAC, that has been established to try and get big money, dark money, and tainted money out of the American political system. End Citizens United has been particularly successful thanks to their focused message and energized base, led by President and Founder Tiffany Muller. Muller’s focus has been to raise big money in order to support candidates on all sides of the spectrum that believe in campaign finance reform. Campaign finance reform is a lightning rod issue that many people aren’t even aware of. Imagine a politician who is paid millions of dollars by an oil company, why would he or she ever vote for clean energy? Thanks to the 2010 Supreme Court decision based on Citizens United, this kind of problem is very much prevalent in America today.


Unfortunately for the special interests in the American government, it looks like End Citizens United is trying very hard to make a difference in the 2018 Congressional Elections. The election of Donald Trump has served as an instigator for huge political activism on the progressive side of the political spectrum. People are angry, they want to fight back, and they want to make their voice heard. These prior points, made by Tiffany Muller, have been the driving force behind the success that End Citizens United has had in the first quarter of the 2017 fiscal year. End Citizens United has raised nearly $4 million that they will be putting to near immediate usage.


In order for End Citizens United to be successful they are going to need to raise their target goal of nearly $35 million by the time the 2018 congressional elections come around. While End Citizens United can be successful at local and state levels, eventually they are going to have to succeed at the federal level. However, the cards are stacked against Muller and the 100,000 people who have donated to her PAC so far. The reason being is that Washington D.C. is more partisan than ever. In order to get a congressional amendment on the table there needs to be either a huge progressive push in 2018 or a willingness for bipartisan work to go into effect. It hasn’t been since 1992 that we’ve seen a constitutional amendment actually get passed at the federal level.


John Wonderlich, who works as a policy director for the Sunlight Foundation, points out that End Citizens United has a rough road ahead of them. Wonderlich says, “It’s an uphill battle for people who choose that path.” Wonderlich’s words may be blunt but they should also be fuel for the passion that End Citizens United has displayed thus far. Here is to hoping that they find massive success in 2018.



Eye Health Is Improved by Checkups

One of the most important things that people need to take care of is the health of their eyes. However, many people make the mistake of neglecting their eyes until they think that something is wrong with them. This would be a very bad decision because there are many eye problems that could permanently damage your vision if they are not discovered early. However, these same problems can often be easily treated if an eye doctor is able to discover it in its very early stages. The only way that this will be possible is for you to make sure that you visit your eye doctor on a regular basis. It is very important to be proactive and not reactive where the health of your eyes is concerned.


Many eye doctors will recommend that people over the age of 50 have an eye exam once every year. The eye deteriorates more rapidly as people age. This is why it becomes even more important for people to have an eye exam after the age of 50. People who have been diagnosed with eye problems should make an eye exam appointment every six months. Problems can get worse much faster when the eye is older. A person’s eye glass prescription can also change much faster as they age. Therefore, it is important to have an eye exam to make sure that you are not straining to see out of your glasses.


One of the best things about getting regular eye exams is the fact that you will be able to save money in the long run. Waiting until your eyes are really bothering you to go to the eye doctor will usually mean that you will need to spend more money. Being proactive will allow the eye doctor to treat the problem for a fraction of the cost of a more involved procedure. Your eyes will be in better shape and you will have more money at the end of the day.


Your Eyes Can Be Hurt by Tech Device Screens

Tech devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers are everywhere in the world around us. They enhance our lives and make it easy for us to communicate with friends and access information. That having been said, your eyes can be hurt if you keep looking at the screen of these tech devices for a long period of time. It is important that you take the necessary steps needed to take care of your eyes while you are enjoying your tech devices. Many people start to experience digital eye strain when they are looking at their device screen for more than two hours. Almost 90 percent of the population uses a tech devices for more than two hours on a daily basis.


One of the things that causes eye strain from looking at the screen of an electronic device is the blue light that is created by the screen. Human eyes do not have a natural way to filter out this light. Therefore, prolonged exposure to this blue light will start to cause problems with your eyes. Eye strain is not just a short-term problem. People who experience it on a daily basis could eventually develop more serious eye problems like macular degeneration or cataracts.


Some of the indicators that will let you know if your eyes are strained are headaches and eyes that are irritated, red and dry. There are some things that you can do to seriously reduce the amount of eye strain that you experience while you are using your tech devices. For example, you can start to wear contact lenses and glasses that are designed to limit the amount of blue light that your eyes can see. One of the best things you can do is to allow your eyes to rest throughout the day. Many people believe it is helpful to look away from the screen of your tech device for 30 seconds every 20 minutes. You should take longer breaks if needed.


Report Concludes That Contact Lenses Are Safe For Youths

Many children and teenagers are opting for soft contact lenses instead of traditional glasses. An article from reveals a report on how safe they are. The report was originally printed in the official journal of the American Academy of Optometry, states the article. Dr. Mark A. Bullimore of Huston College of Optometry conducted the report.


The published results conclude that soft contacts may be just as safe for younger children as they are for teenagers. Dr. Bullimore states that childhood nearsightedness may benefit from multifocal contact lenses, the article says. The study found positive correlations between young people wearing soft contacts and prevention or slower progression of nearsightedness. The source also quotes the doctor as saying that contacts can build a young person’s self-esteem.


In the comprehensive study, says the article, researchers considered a common eye infection called “corneal infiltrative events”. It only represented a small percentage of the participants in the study. Information from nine different studies involving youths from 7-19 years old concluded that infiltration infections would only happen 136 times in 10,000 years. The odds were even better for younger children, reports the article.


A serious infection known as microbial keratitis did not show up in any of the reports with younger children. The article did share that the rate was 15 cases every 10,000 years for teenagers, which was similar odds for adults. The rate may be higher when people sleep or shower in their soft contact lenses, warns the quoted report.


When all of the results are considered, says Dr. Bullimore, it is safe to say that soft contact lenses are safe for kids to wear. He says that there still needs to be more research. The article concludes with encouraging parents to teach their children proper hygiene and safety with soft contact lenses.


The Excellent Contributions of Amicus Therapeutics to the Pharmaceuticals Industry

Amicus Therapeutics Inc. is an internationally recognized biotechnology firm that has specialized in developing advanced therapies that can be used in curing a variety of life-threatening rare and orphan diseases. The company has currently developed several treatments for different human genetic diseases. Amicus’ main offices are located in Cranbury, New Hersey, The firm has been publicly traded since 2007, and it uses a Nasdaq Stock Market trade symbol, FOLD. Its business symbol would have been AMTX, but it was withdrawn after an unsuccessful planned public offing in 2006. Before Amicus’ IPO, the growth of the company depended on funding from venture capital companies such as Canaan Partners, New Enterprise Associates, and Radius Ventures.

The main disorders that Amicus Therapeutics currently deals with are known as lysosomal storage disorders. The company has been utilizing the Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy (CHART®) in developing its products. Most of the cures that it currently creates are enzyme replacement therapies (ERTs). According to a pharmaceuticals industry report that was published in 2014, Amicus Therapeutics is the sector’s leader in the development of small molecule pharmacological chaperones. The firm targets mutated proteins in developing excellent therapies for the various human genetic diseases. Its scientists have been striving to ensure that people who suffer from rare diseases are cured.

The biotechnology company’s primary product candidate is called migalastat. The medicine is personalized and is currently in its latest stage of development. Migalastat will be used in treating people who have Fabry disease after they have undergone genetic diagnosis. Another product candidate of Amicus Therapeutics is SD-101, and it is currently in the late stage of development(YahooFinance). SD-101 is a will be the first therapy in the market that will be used in curing Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), which is a rare genetic disorder. The company is also striving to develop many other enzyme replacement therapies for Pompe disease, Fabry disease, and many other Lysosomal Storage Disorders by using its Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy and biologics technologies. Amicus Therapeutics’ top biologic program is ATB200/AT2221. This plan is an exclusively developed Pompe disease ERT that will be offered to the patients together with a pharmacological chaperone.

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The Unique Difference MB2 Dental Has Made In Dental Practices And Patients Lives

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental and an active practitioner. He wanted to establish a company that would be invaluable in helping dentists so they could place their focus on providing top of the line dental care for their patients. His vision was to have the best possible options for corporate and sole practitioner dentistry.

Dr. Chris Villanueva has worked on both sides of the business. He began his profession understanding how important it was to have support without having to compromise the profession he loved. He was aware of the special assistance dental practitioners required without having to worry about having strings attached. Since he founded MB2 Dental his firm has given support to practitioners at approximately seventy affiliated locations throughout six states and now has 533 employees. Their excellence in leadership will continue this trend into the future. Visit to know more.

MB2 Dental has changed the dental field for both patients and practitioners. It was founded using the principle that when doctors work together they can help one another increase their individual accomplishments. The perspective offered by MB2 is youthful, fresh and operates the way dental practices and management should. It has changed the lives of numerous dentists and patients in a positive manner. Many dental practices remain uninspired and drab but MB2 adds a new element and focuses on so much more than profits. The company is owned by dentists and focuses on personal growth, support, autonomy and having fun.

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MB2 Dental helps practices make necessary improvements to benefit their patients. They increase the standards of operation and lead to business growth and much happier practitioners. MB2 is up to date on the trends and practices. Their business and ideas are backed by experience, expertise and knowledge. They have committed themselves to helping dentists with any issues regarding marketing, compliance, payroll, HR and legal challenges. This is a technologically advanced business providing what is required for practitioners to succeed in the current market.

Dr. Chris Villanueva strives to use his extensive experience and knowledge in system administration, technical management and programming as career opportunities to help providers achieve job satisfaction and excellent opportunities for growth potential.

Dr. Villanueva’s specialties are varied and include AS/400 system administration, disaster recovery, building utilities using IBM system API’s, communications in TCP/IP and SNA, process automation, AS/400 security and ILE CL, ILE RPG and COBOL programming. He has been certified by IBM in 6.1 system administration. Visit to know more.