GMO Lawsuits Are Making the News

Mikal Watts is leading a team of legal professionals in a class act lawsuit against Syngenta, who is accused of selling US farmers tainted and genetically-modified corn.

It is estimated that over 20 percent of corn is produced in the United States. In turn, it is exported internationally. Upon receiving tainted corn from Syngenta, recipients closed their ports, which caused a spiraling effect of lose wages for US farmers nationwide. Watts primary focus is to help recover financial damages felt by hundreds of thousands farmers nationwide.

Mr. Watts was born in Corpus Christi, Texas. San Antonio Magazine told that after receiving an undergraduate degree in 1987 from the University of Texas in only two short years, he went on to graduate from the University of Texas Law School in 1989 at 21 years old. Immediately afterwards, he began a successful career in law as a briefing attorney in the Supreme Court of Texas under Hon. Thomas R. Phillips.

In 1990, he was taken on as an associate at the law firm of David L. Perry & Associates in Corpus Christi, Texas, where after only one year, he became partners in the law firm of Perry & Hass, L.L.P. After four extraordinarily successful years, Watts created his own law firm, Harris & Watts. Since then, Mr. Watts has continued his lucrative career in law, and has expanded his practice to 29 offices with over 100 employees.

Throw A Few Gold Bars In With That

The U.S. Money Reserve is a leading agency in the United States and when dealing with the delivery or purchase of gold bars. There are a variety of gold bars to choose from also. Finding a reputable distributor is the most important thing for the seasoned investor. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook

You never know when the use of gold will come in handy.

One thing you can count on is that the U.S. Money Reserve is ready to buy the gold you have or issue bulk orders of any precious metal on the market. Dealing with gold bars means that you’re dealing with troy ounces. These type ounces are what gold and other precious metals are weighted in.

Therefore, the spot price of a precious metal is within a price per troy ounce.

Order, Fast, Easy And Safely

It’s much faster and easier to obtain gold products and more so than most people expect. The years passing when gold was traded has enabled a formidable industry to develop. This industry is one where giants like the U.S. Reserve create services that orders gold fast, easy and with safety.

Likely the most interesting features to these development in trading gold is how well they are adapted to the online platform. What this means is that you now have great access to gold, silver and platinum. This has become possible while ensuring that the Reserve employs the best safety measures to date.

Rest assured that your investments in precious metals are also backed by the agency. You can purchase as much as you want, and it will show up on your doorstep with no problems. …

A Leader In Precious Metals

Crunchbase revealed that what makes the U.S. Money Reserve a leader in gold is its governmental stance. When government agencies offer their gold reserves and for sale, the country which does so opens its economy to more trade and valuation. This is what the U.S Money Reserve has done.

It has also become a trusted leader in doing so.

Working To Get Precious Metals In Your Hands And Now

It’s an honor to have access to precious metals and for investment purposes. Part the work that any investor undergoes is that of investing their money or time and into future values. Bullion is an option and for many modern-day traders. The reason is because of precious metal’s ability to be a great protection option.

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What Soros Has achieved so far through his Open Society Foundations

George Soros has been a part of the elite American philanthropists for the last three decades. He moved to the country after he did what has come to be known as breaking the British bank. During the said black Wednesday deal, he made a profit of 1 billion dollars by making a short sale of 10 million sterling pounds. This was the sale that solidified his position as one of the wealthiest on the planet and what George Soros knows.

Since he started operating in the country, George has become very sensitive to the courses which support an open and just society. There was a time when he was involved in a push for some South African students to get scholarships during the apartheid regime. Another movement that he supported was a group which was fighting for people’s individual rights to choose their dying wishes. He was one of the few business magnates who was actively involved in advocating against the Marxist regime that had existed for decades in Eastern Europe and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George has always held Eastern Europe close to his heart. It is because he was born in Hungary, and was forced to flee his home because of the Holocaust. It is this event that left an indelible. It made him an advocate for human rights, justice and equality for all people regardless of their race. He started the George Soros Foundation to advance this agenda. He has been involved in a few controversies in the past. For instance, there is a conspiracy theory that has been trying to link him with the accident that happened in Charlottesville. However, looking closely at the way his society operates shows that he can’t possibly have masterminded such an attack and learn more about George Soros.

Soros believed in peace. He believes it is possible to use mass action, but peacefully, to communicate when something needs to be rectified. This is the approach which he gave the Ferguson protests. The issue with Ferguson was shooting of the African American teenager. The problem was taken up on social media, and there was an outrage. A hashtag which said black lives matter was started. It evolved into people grouping up so that they could go for street protests. The foundation helped give money to hire the buses which took the protestors to the state and follow him

It is true that George participates in politics, especially the Liberal politics. However, he does not in any way engage in activities that undermine the concept of a free society which America boasts. He has supported Obama in his bid to the Whitehouse, and also Hillary Clinton. He believes that it is possible to transform the world into a better place if people avoid hurting one another and build a just society for everyone and more information click here.

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Omar Yunes: the Game Changer in Mexican Food Industry

During the Mexican chapter of the Best Franchise of the World held in Florence, Italy produced the most outstanding franchisee in the globe, as Omar Yunes. He finally beat eight other contestants to clinch this coveted trophy due to his accumulated experience in brand and franchise development. As a global event, the BFW has gained immense attention with its mission of acknowledging key personalities who have contributed to the marketing around the globe, innovativeness, and contribution to knowledge. Omar Yunes’ outfit, the Sushi Itto Franchise has therefore progressed in all these areas mostly with growth in brand, innovativeness and global marketing and read full article.


Shaping His Company through Sound Leadership

In this regard, Omar Yunes recognition as a stalwart in the food industry was premised on “professionalizing the role of the franchise.” His steadfast commitment to this industry has culminated in his opening of 13 branches in the globe with these units located in Puebla, Mexico City, and even Veracruz. In addition to these commitments, Omar acknowledges the immense role of his employees to the success of his company. His secretariat has since embraced a sophisticated operational plan whereby Sushi Itto’s personnel have their welfare catered for such as remunerations and other plans and contact him.


Interest in Professional Service Delivery

The Mexican food industry has remained a critical pillar in Sushi Itto’s financial prospects, courtesy of the Mexico City’s unit. With a streak of success in his franchises around the globe, Omar Yunes has continually developed a proper working relationship with his clientele. His coming to the limelight at age 21, revolutionized the hotel industry, from a small business entity to a multi-million franchise. Through its financial stability, Omar can capitalize on this into establishing a global presence in the countries it operates. It is also through such a venture that he also offers consultancy services to other business persons on how they can existing relationships between franchisees and their brands. As a shrewd investor, his keen eye for professionalism in service delivery has held the key to the prospects following the company. Nevertheless, Omar Yunes’ sound guidance to the company has ensured that functionality of all the departments in the company remains the basis of success and Omar Yunes’s lacrosse camp.

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A Closer Look at Coffee Effect and ORGANO Gold

For long, there have been studies about the limitation of coffee and health benefits. Also, coffee drinkers have hit the headlines claiming that their habit prolongs life. The Annals of Internal Medicine recently published two studies connecting drinking of coffee with reduction a bunch of diseases.

The first study examined over 185,000 Americans and showed that coffee lowered the risk of diseases like cancer, stroke, diabetes, heart and kidney disorders. According to Veronica Setiawan, the study lead author and associate professor, the similar pattern observed in the study did support the debate that drinking coffee is right regardless of one’s race.

According to the study, there was 18 % death reduction for those who drank coffee daily compared to those who never drank it for the 16 year test period. However, there is no certainty that coffee prolongs life though there is some association.

Another study done across ten European countries with over 520,000 people showed the same coffee effect. However, no causal relationship pinpointed nor the health benefits. Also, those who skipped the coffee may be due to a health issue which could have caused the death.

About ORGANO Gold

ORGANO Gold is a global network marketing company that disseminate information on health benefits of Ganoderma. Ganoderma contains a particular kind of mushroom that includes essential health benefits and provides nutty flavour.

ORGANO Gold aims at improving people’s wealth, health and lives balance through sharing of crucial knowledge about alternative healthy regular coffee. Founded in 2008, ORGANO Gold Company specializes on unique beverages including Gourmet black coffee, café latte, king of coffee, black ice and much more. ORGANO Independent Distributors distributes the company’s products in over fifty countries.

ORGANO Gold proudly sponsors the OG Cares Foundation. The foundation is a non-profit organization helping young people across the globe to be leaders of tomorrow. It provides them with tools, resources, and education.

Talk Fusion: Nothing To Lose

With Talk Fusion giving out 30-day free trials (, there is really nothing to lose at the moment for those that want to give it a shot. There are only rewards for those using Talk Fusion. Think about it for a second, if someone is using Talk Fusion, they are using it for 30 days totally free. If they don’t like it, all they have to do is cancel it and that is it. They are not obligated to keep it. Bob Reina is not a shyster and he is not one to pull the wool over the eyes of the customer. He is an honest man after all. He is a former police officer.

Because of this, he is just the man for this job. He is the man for the job because he knows what the people need. While on his former job, he listened to people and tried to help them out. He wanted to be there for them in any way he could be because he knew they needed it. He cared about his job as a police officer and took it very seriously. Right now, he is taking Talk Fusion very seriously. He knows the people need it with the state of the economy right now. They are counting on it to get them through tough times. They are relying on something that is not the ordinary.

Ordinary jobs are just that, ordinary. With an ordinary job, there comes an ordinary life. When people use Talk Fusion and start up their own stay at home business, they are doing anything but living an ordinary life. They are living a life that is out of this world, special, and unique. They don’t have to hold back how they are feeling and what is on their mind through video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. Everything is right there for them to feel and be extraordinary as opposed to ordinary. With the free trials, it is really a no-brainer. It makes total sense to get on board with Talk Fusion now and stick with it. It will pay off in the end.

Betsy DeVos – An Education Secretary With Soul

America’s new Secretary of Education, Elisabeth Dee DeVos, is better known simply as “Betsy DeVos.” Although she’s recently stepped into probably her most important role, Betsy’s soul and talent have been immersed in philanthropy and education for decades.

The Education Department is not the first political appointment for Betsy, as President George W. Bush appointed her to the Board of Directors of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in 2004, where she served until 2010. During that tenure, she and her husband donated $22.5 million in 2010 to help teach art managers and board directors how to manage their cultural institution, including how to fundraise, creating an entity called the DeVos Institute of Arts Management.

Betsy has been a strong advocate of School Choice, including school vouchers. She has used this passion in her service as the Chairwoman of the Board of Alliance for School Choice. She also headed the All Children Matter PAC, a political PAC which promotes school choice in the form of vouchers and tax credits. Other organizations she helped to promote School Choice include the American Education Reform Council, Advocates for School Choice, the Education Freedom Fund, the Great Lakes Education Project (“GLEP”), the Board for the Choice of Children, the American Federation for Children (“AFC”), and, early on in the 1990s, the Children First America and the American Education Reform Council.

Betsy has also helped establish several Educational Scholarships. In 2009 Betsy and her family founded ArtPrize, an international art competition held in her native Michigan.

Education has long been dear to Betsy’s heart. She sees education often overlapping with her Christian Faith, believing that, like art, education advances God’s Kingdom.

Although an exhaustive list of Betsy’s work would be too lengthy for a synopsis, some of the highlights of her other charitable efforts include her work at the Prince Foundation, a supporter of Christian Organizations. The Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation, which she launched with her husband Richard DeVos which served as another vehicle to fund Christian Organizations.

Betsy worked extensively with the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty, usually referred to simply as the Acton Institute. More in line with purely educational work, the Acton Institute focuses on the promotion of individual liberty within the framework of Judeo-Christianity.


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Why End Citizens United Has Been Instrumental In Shaping American Politics

The history of American Politics
For several years, politics has been a forum where people get free favors from the innocent citizens. The politicians have been sponsored by different organizations and people to come up with policies that favor certain specific interests. With this focus, it is has been hard for the people to get a fair hearing from their leaders. All the laws that have been enacted have worked against the people, and in the end, they suffer consequences innocently. For this reason, the citizens have been continuously crying for change after every regime. The congress, senate and the position for governors are almost changed after every election period because of the dissatisfaction that the people express after the elections. In the end, the same leaders keep on repeating the same mistakes.

The contribution of End Citizens United
To solve the continuing problem in the United States, a group of citizens came up with an organization that would bring a change in the political condition of the country. The desired change would include the complete consideration of the type of candidates to be chosen. End Citizen United is an organization that has set its policies. The policies set are the types that directly affect the citizens. The organization then sponsors certain specific leaders who can push for the policies to be implemented. So far, the End Citizen United has been beneficial as the leaders that it has sponsored have made positive contributions towards the growth of the economy.


The promise to the citizens
The End Citizen United has pledged its good services to the people of the United States. The organization is currently run by the common citizens because most people have failed in doing their rightful duties. From time to time, the End Citizen United gives the public its report card. Other than supporting the leaders to the various elective posts, the End Citizen United sensitizes the citizens on the different ways in which the non-performing leaders can be recalled. The firing of the non-performing leaders does not depend on the party that sponsored them to the various elective posts. The End Citizen United equally gives the citizens a way forward in case of a developing crisis. Before specific leaders are selected, the organization does everything with the approval of the public. The citizens have the most say in how the operations are run since they are the biggest shareholders. In the event that the organization is to implement something against the wish of the people, the process has to be suspended until all the issues are resolved. The company confirms that it is not an easy thing to satisfy everyone, but it tries its best to consider all the concerns of the citizens.

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Jim Larkin And His Numerous Fights Against Unfair Treatment Of Employees

James Larkin was an Irish labor activist and labor organizer. He was the founder of Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union (ITGWU). This union is adjudged to be the biggest and strongest workers’ union that was ever established. Jim, as he is fondly called, was born in Liverpool, England on January 21, 1876. Unfortunately, the ITGWU broke up in 1914 after one of the biggest industrial disputes. It was tagged Dublin lock-out.

Dublin lock-out was a major industrial dispute between about 300 employers and about 20,000 employees. It lasted from August 26, 1913 to January 18, 1914. Lasting for about 5 months makes it also one of the longest industrial disputes that ever occurred.

It took place in Dublin, Ireland. It snowballed from being a peaceful demonstration into a series of violent activities. In fact, it became a full crisis that led to the death of two people. Over 200 policemen and several hundreds of workers were injured. Although it was successful, it led to the breakup of the ITGWU. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

After the breakup of the ITGWU, Jim Larkin traveled to the United States. He was deported back from the United States. Nevertheless, he didn’t relent in his efforts towards making the workplace better for everyone. He was said to be fervent Marxist in his lifetime.

He continued his labor organizing into the forties and could not go further because of age. However, he died in 1947 in Dublin, Ireland but his legacies still live on. And he is still being celebrated in Ireland just like how the Dublin lockout is still being celebrated.

He didn’t get much formal education. He had to work several jobs in his youth to supplement the family income. He eventually became a foreman in Liverpool docks. In no time he had joined the National Union of Dock Laborers (NUDL) because he believed workers were being treated unfairly. In 1905, he became a full-time trade union organizer. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter

He became militant and he was transferred to Dublin in 1907. That was where he was able to create the ITGWU. The goal he had in mind was to merge both skilled and unskilled Irish workers into one bigger and stronger organization. He succeeded to an extent. Dublin lock-out would be the biggest achievement of the union and the beginning of its end.

He later formed the Irish Labor Party and he was also instrumental to a series of strikes throughout his lifetime. However, Dublin lock-out is still his greatest achievement and that is what is mostly remembered for. Workers eventually won the right to fair employment through the industrial dispute.

Following the breakout of World War I, Larkin began to lead several anti-war rallies and campaigns in Dublin. At some point, he had to travel to the United States to raise funds to fight the British. Unfortunately, he was arrested, tried and convicted of criminal anarchy and communism in 1920.

He was jailed for three years and was eventually pardoned. However, he was deported to Ireland. The instincts to unionize never left him so he established the Workers’ Union of Ireland after his deportation. This time, it paid off as he earned recognition from Communist International in 1924.

Whitney Wolfe Transitions from Single to Married as Bumble Transitions to Dating App to Much More

Whitney Wolfe is getting people’s attention with her Bumble BFF app idea. This is a new concept that many people have not heard of before. The fact that it is new and exciting makes it something that people are going to want to embrace. Whitney Wolfe knows that she can put all of her focus into singles with her dating app, but her mind state is changing and she has plans to expand. The fact that she got married recently proves that she has more on her mind than simply dating. Whitney Wolfe has a desire to help a lot of people that are looking for things beyond dating.

With her recent dating app Whitney Wolfe realizes that there are people that may initially be single that may acquire a match. When this happens a completely different shift in the way that people look at dating will occur. For those that find the perfect match through Bumble they will essentially be done with this app. These people may be tempted to uninstall it from their phones and totally lose all interest in Bumble after they have found their match. Whitney Wolfe does not like the possibility of this type of download spiral for her app. She realizes that she has to do more in order to keep users of Bumble connected with this site.

Just as she has transitioned from a single woman to a wife she realizes that others are going to utilize her app and if they are successful they will do the same. She does not want them to lose interest in her app though. This is why she puts her focus on other aspects of social media where networking is involved.

As a business professional Whitney Wolfe realizes that one can never have too many business contacts. In fact, it makes more sense to expand your business contacts as you build your business or climb your way up the corporate ladder. This is something that people can continue to utilize even when they are no longer connected to the dating app side of Bumble. This is what Whitney Wolfe is aiming for, and that is why she has taken time to create a dating app like this that has other dimensions outside of dating. Whitney wants Bumble to be known as more than just a dating app. She wants it to become a social media dynasty.

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The knockout Option: Jeremy Goldstein’s Opinion

The issue of providing stock options to employees is not common these days. Reasons for taking this decision complex but most firms take that step to save money for their personal use. By taking that step, many companies make significant profits which include;

  1. Due to the rate at which the stock value drops is too high thus preventing employees from taking their stock option. The confusing thing about it is that the stockholders are faced with the danger of overhanging because this process needs a report which is associated with expenses.
  2. Most employees do not give much value to this option. Instead, they take as gambling.
  3. These options give employees a burden. They take as an avenue which reduces their amount of salary which they could be earning.

Everything that happens has its advantages. One them is, these stock options can give the same option which is equal to the value the employee wants. For those who do not know, options also improve the income of the employee. This is done by attracting innovation services given by clients.

Apart from advantages, we have some solutions that can help. The main one is, the company that provides options should do not have extra expenses. Also, companies should give knockout options which have the same limits of time and requirements. Lastly, employees can opt to cancel the option if the value is small.

Knockouts have been proven that they do not solve any problem. Instead, they tarnish the reputation. The best way to rectify this is by allowing companies communicate with auditors. This will help in sending the ramifications to employees. Even if the many businesses benefit from the waiting period of six months, the replacement of the expired derivatives should be replaced at long last.

Jeremy Goldstein is a very learned person. He is one of those individuals who has attended three universities. This means that he has three degrees. Between 1996 and 1999 has was at the New York University School of Law where he graduated with a Juris Doctor, Law. That was not enough to him. Between 1995 and 1995, he joined the University of Chicago where got Master of Arts in Art History. His first degree was acquired from Cornell University where he got Bachelor of Arts in Art History between 1991 and 1995. Due to his wide level of education, he has been a partner in two companies including the current one which he is working for.


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