John Goullet’s Career Accomplishments

DIVERSANT LLC is the US’ premier African-American held IT firm specializing in providing IT services and solutions. DIVERSANT’s professionals work with passion and commitment to providing personalized services to solve complex IT problems. While other IT firms retard during the economic downturn, DIVERSANT LLC has retained consistent regardless of economic conditions. Today, DIVERSANT LLC has built a reputation as a reliable and customer-focused market leader. At DIVERSANT LLC, IT professionals choose from a broad range of IT positions, extend their professional networks, and access free training and support from the US’ most promising minority-owned IT staffing agency.

DIVERSANT LLC is about growth. The firm focuses on growing your business and moving your career forward. Business and career growth is achieved through superior training, mentoring, and the creation of extensive career opportunities. Furthermore, DIVERSANT LLC allows IT professionals to work in a diverse industry that encourages innovation and collaboration. DIVERSANT fosters a healthy competitive environment and recognition of individual efforts, making it the ideal place to build a rewarding career while extending your professional network.

John Goullet is a renowned entrepreneur behind the success of a series of ventures in the IT sector. His career started as an IT technician before his way up as an IT consultant in 1994. With experience in observing market trends, Goullet founded, Info Technologies in 1994 to provide customized IT services and solutions to Fortune 500 companies across the US. Barely five years in operation, Info Technologies had generated $30 million in revenue, earning it a prestigious position among the fastest growing enterprises nationwide. In the pursuit of reliable and advanced IT solutions, Goullet merged his IT staffing firm, Info Technologies with Gene Waddy’s, DIVERSANT Inc., to for DIVERSANT LLC. As the current chief operating officer of DIVERSANT LLC, John Goullet endeavors to develop advanced, cutting-edge solutions to complex challenges in the IT marketplace.

Through its Advisory Board, DIVERSANT LLC receives guidance from business experts not involved in routine operations of the company. The Board comprises of financial experts and industry leaders responsible for advising on matters regarding strategic planning and commercial growth. The Board meets the company’s management frequently to review performance and market fluctuations.

Talk Fusion Is All About Life

Life is truly a precious thing and because of this, it is important that people get the most out of it and do not waste the chances they get. No one knows how much time someone will get on this planet or what is around the corner. That is why it is truly a sin to waste it on things that don’t matter. For example, a place that a lot of people spend their time at is work. They spend most of their hours and weeks there. If the job is not giving them any joy whatsoever, that is what is called wasted time.

Bob Reina listens to the people and he knew there were a lot of unhappy campers out there. There were a lot of people that felt stuck and like they had to stay at their job. After all, there are bills that need to be paid and they are certainly not going to pay themselves after all. That is why people stick at their jobs, even though they might have a rude boss or it might be a toxic work environment for them. They feel as though they have no other choice and they have to tough it out for their families.

With video newsletters, video chats, video emails, and video conferences, there is more out there for people that have had enough and they want to make a change and they want to make a change right now. They have simply had enough and they can’t stand another day at their job. They want to the boss and they know that if they are the boss, they will do things very differently and make people happy. They have the power to let other people be happy and live a life that is meaningful to them.

In the IT and Tech World, all of the advances that Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, and his IT team have made have been noticed by Technology Marketing Corporation as they given them two awards in 2016. It is hard enough to win one award let alone two and this award is a special one as it is the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award (

Fashion: A Shortcut To Beauty Provided By JustFab

While many women love to feel beauty, it is not as common for women to be able to feel that way. As a result, they are going to have to settle for something that they are not satisfied with. Fortunately, there is a shortcut that women can take in order to feel beautiful. What a woman can do is find the right type of clothes that will bring out better feelings about themselves. They could look at the different types of clothes on Brandettes that they are interested in. One of the best ways they can feel beautiful is if they find clothes that they think is beautiful. As a result, they will feel more of a shift in their sense of self.

Adam Goldenberg makes sure that he provides beautiful clothes in JustFab. For one thing, he not only provides clothes that look good, but he makes sure that the clothes are made from fabric that feels good. After all, if women are wearing clothes that feel good to them, they will be more likely to feel beautiful. As a matter of fact, a large part of a woman’s beauty lies in the clothes that she wears. JustFab offers women the types of clothes that make them feel beautiful according to Goldenberg.

For women, the clothes that are being offered are very aesthetically pleasing. For one thing, women get to enjoy all of the different garments that are offered to them according to Adam Goldenberg. This gives women a chance to find clothes that they believe they will look amazing in. They also are interested in finding something that will bring out the feelings that they want.

Adam Goldenberg has been involved in helping women feel beautiful for a while. Therefore, he is able to help women find their own style that will improve their self esteem. Among the items that he offers women are jewelry, different types of shorts and dresses that are amazing to look at. Not only will women feel confident in the clothing that they wear, they will also attract respect in the outfit that they wear because of the better feelings they bring out towards themselves. Source:

The Career of Bruce Levenson


Rebuilding the Atlanta Hawks franchise is one of the best stories in all of sports. When UCG Founder Bruce Levenson first bought the team, they were one of the worst in the NBA. There are a lot of people who thought that the Hawks would be moved to another city. Fan support was low, and a lot of people thought they should leave. However, Bruce Levenson saw potential in this team and the city they were playing in. He decided to buy the team, for a large sum, and quickly got to work moving the team to a title contender.

Investing in Atlanta

One of the biggest issues with the Hawks when Bruce Levenson was the arena they played in. The arena was old, and to save money the owners before had not kept it up. Not only was the team bad, but the arena made watching the game a bad experience. This is something Bruce Levenson started to change, and he made a lot of investments in this area. In addition, he started to do a lot of community giving events which would help him in a variety of ways. Not only did it improve his personal reputation in the area, but it also helped the Atlanta Hawks. He still loves to give back to others in the Atlanta area.


Although the Hawks have not won an NBA championship, they are still much better off now than before Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson bought the team. Over the long term, there are a lot of people who are looking forward to seeing what he can do to improve the team. Bruce Levenson is a great example of the impact that one person can make on a team, and he has left a great legacy in the Atlanta area because of it.

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Businessman David J. Osio leaves a big mark on the global philanthropy stage

David Osio is an expert on financial counsel, as well as a well-renowned philanthropist. His support of medical research, art and music, as well as the community has been long noted around the whole world.

He has built this reputation over two decades of constant collaboration with many non-profit organizations, which deal with bettering the lives of people through culture, art and music in those cities within which his business operates.

Most notably, while he was a member of the Orchestra board, Osio supported the Miami Symphony Orchestra, otherwise known as MISO. He also has strong ties to the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation, an international organization for which he has become a long time donor. He says that when it comes to helping children, every bit helps and has hopes that those who are fortunate enough to have the means, will get involved in the cause and try to help too. Other organizations Osio has been involved with include foundations like Wayuu Taya, which aims to improve living conditions of indigenous people in South America, as well as he Utah Medical Association and Miami based Saludarte Foundation of Art.

David Osio founded and is the CEO of the Davos Financial Group, which provides expertise to clients in the field of finance and managing assets. He leads the company in reaching its goals both domestically and internationally, and has led the company not only into profit and growth, but done so in cities like New York, Lisbon, Miami, Geneva and Panama City, leaving a mark around the globe.

About David Osio

Osio graduated with honors from the Catholic University Andres Bello, Caracas with a degree in law. He started his career in Venezuela as a legal adviser to multinational clients, like Ferro and Consolidated Bank. He later went on to get a specialization, continuing his education in an effort to improve his ability to do what he loves. In 1993 he started his own venture and Davos Financial Group was born. At the time, this was the only company in the country which was dedicated to giving legal advice to an exclusive clientele.

His financial services business grows along with his devotion to charitable causes, for which he has received many awards and honors, like the Medal of Honor of the United States Congress, and was named on the South Florida Business leaders list of 2009, among many others. His company has also received recognition for its contribution to the Miami community as a consulting firm when in 2014 he was named the Miami Award Winner.

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Finding Fulfillment Through Kabbalah

Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit dedicated to teaching courses on Zohar and Kabbalah. It was originally founded in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag and has now has 40 city locations, as well as their web site. These courses can be found online, at regional or city centers, or through study groups across the globe. The director and his wife, Philip and Karen Berg, developed these courses to help educate about the benefits of understanding the teaching.


The Bergs wanted to teach those who wish to learn the ways to “receive” fulfillment in their lives. This ancient wisdom works on how the universe and life work. It teaches that every facet of our live is effected by the same “root.” Fulfillment is seeking to balance life. Through studying Kabbalah, we understand how the universe works and how we are effecting by its ways. Once we understand the way the world works, we can feel better about what is going on in our life. We will be able to better connect with our Creator.


The Kabbalah Centre gives their students the spiritual tools to better their lives. These tools will help them make better decisions to improve their lives and the world around them. The Centre also believes in improving the world through their charities. The Kabbalah Centre Charitable Causes is a program that helps those in need with physical and spiritual support. The KCCC brings aid to those who are affected by natural disasters, manmade disasters, and other issues. They work in partnership with other organizations. Some of the disasters they have worked to help with are 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, and the 2010 Haitian Earthquake. They work to comfort and help victims across the globe. The Kabbalah Centre seeks to improve the lives of their students and the world around them.


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Treating Damaged Hair With Help From Wen By Chaz

Hair can get damaged in many different ways. Some women find that frequent shampoos can strip the oils from their hair by accident. Other women find that trying to color their hair means they have damaged it in the process. Still others find that having their hair permed has left it looking older and full of split ends. This is why they turn to hair care companies for help with any problems they might have. Women are often delighted to discover that it is easier than ever today to have hair that can look great even if it has been damaged by treatments in the past.
Correcting Damage

Correcting damage today now means that women are able to get hair care treatments that mean no more issues with their hair. Instead, they get hair that will look much better than they ever dreamed possible. Such is the case for users of Wen by Chaz customers. Here, they have looked into the kinds of ways that it is possible to treat damaged hair. Their staffers have spent time investigating ingredients and looking for the right product that can be used to fix any possible hair care issues. So many women have found the right help from them. Wen by Chaz products are available online on Amazon and Guthy-Renker.

Intensive Hair Treatment

Their solution is intensive hair care treatment. The treatment is all about being able to offer hair treatment that can overcome damage and help any woman get hair that is exactly what she wants. The treatment is a simple process that any woman can also incorporate into her hair care routine as needed. Placing the treatment on wet hair and then leaving it there for twenty minutes to half an hour will help any woman get the kind of hair she wants to have with a fast treatment that really works.

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Contributions of Securus Technologies towards Communication in the Correctional Agencies

Securus Technologies is the leading company on offering civil and criminal justice solutions in Texas with interests in Telecommunications, Data Analytics, Call Management Systems as well as Information Technology.


It started in 1986 with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and other regional offices in Carrollton, Allen and Atlanta Georgia. Their primary goal was to modernize the incarceration experience while ensuring that the general public is safe and secure. They serve over 3450 correctional agencies, which cover around 1,200,000 inmates in North America. Their roles include providing emergency services, critical incidence management, carrying out investigations, communication, GPS/ electronic monitoring as well as providing public safety solutions.


Securus Technologies teamed up with JPay Inc. in 2015 that helped in providing any high technological based service that the modern correction agencies required ranging from payments, email to inmate tablets. JPay is the company that introduced electronic payments, email as well as entertainment and education related apps to the market. In April 2015, Securus Technologies CEO Rick Smith announced signed a Stock Purchase Agreement to acquire JPay, which he now runs a Securus subsidiary.


Securus’ JLG Technologies has introduced new software Investigator Pro 4.0. The software has helped in stopping crime before it happens by uncovering gang-related and high-interest activities. Investigator Pro 4.0 helps the researchers identify a sample voice from an inmate or party telephone call and then use the sample voice to conduct searches for other calls where that sound occurs.


Securus has accreditation from Better Business Bureau in Texas owing to its ability to meet the BBB required standards. The criteria used in the accreditation is the capacity to be trustworthy and transparent, abiding by the market rules while safeguarding their privacy as well as upholding the highest level of integrity. The BBB accreditation shows that Securus can deliver what they promise to their customers, which they have proof to show.



The Entrepreneurial Abilities and Business Acumen of Don Ressler

It requires a lot of dedication, research, and inventiveness to establish a successful fashion business. The rapidly changing customers’ lifestyle preference and needs, fluctuating prices, the rapid shift from one trend to another makes beauty and fashion not only a challenging but also a competitive sector. Don Ressler is a proficient entrepreneur who has managed to cement a top position in the fashion industry. He is the brain behind a series of well-performing start-ups such as Intelligent Beauty and its branches.

After Intermix Media acquired Ressler’s first firm in 2001, he collaborated with Chief Operation Officer of Intermix, Adam Goldenberg to create Alena Media. Intermix profited from the Ecommerce and Advertising division, which generated hundreds if million in earnings. In 2005, News Corp acquired Intermix, against the expectations of Don Ressler and Goldenberg; the media conglomerate ignored the successful and profitable e-commerce business. The two partners relinquished their positions in the new company to pursue new opportunities.

Humble beginning

Don Ressler and Goldenberg had the necessary professional expertise to excel in the expanding sector of online performance advertising. They decided to establish a brand-building agency they could manage freely. The partners held a brainstorming session in what used to be Goldenberg’s living room. The former team members of Alena attended the session. Within a span of two weeks, they had Brand Ideas, which later transitioned into intelligent beauty.

Intelligent Beauty ventured into business in a style by creating DERMSTORE on, a prominent online cosmetics and skincare marketplace. After two years, Ressler and his business partner introduced weight loss system called SENSA, putting Dr. Alan Hirsch in charge of product development and Brett Brewer (Intermix founder) as the CEO. DERMSTORE and SENSA are believed to have brought immense profits to Intelligent Beauty. In 2008, Technology Crossover Ventures awarded the company a funding of $43 million.

Launching of JustFab

Through Intelligent Beauty, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg founded an online subscription fashion retailer known as JustFab in 2010. In September 2011, they assigned the President and Creative Director Position to Kimora Lee Simmons and by December that year, they had registered 4 million members. Matrix Partners, the United States venture capital company, awarded JustFab $33 million in funding. In April 2011, JustFab had surpassed the six-million-member mark, and the partners conducted a second round of financing securing $75 million from Matrix Partners, Intelligent Beauty (parent company), Crossover Ventures, and Rho Ventures.

Buying Spree

To expand its operations and deliver quality products to its clients on, JustFab entered a buying spree towards the end of 2012. On Jan 8, 2013, it acquired FabKids, prominent kid’s fashion subscription services. On May 2013, it purchased The Fab Shoes, proceeded to launch Fabletics and to acquire ShoeDazzle towards the end of 2013.

Acquire The Services of an Online Reputation Management Company To Live Freely and Happily Again

You may have come across your name on the Internet recently and realized that some negative comments, reviews, feedback, and/or ratings have been attached to it. Whether the negative comments, reviews, feedback, and/or ratings have been left in pertinence to your name, or your business’s name, it is highly recommended for you to ensure that you take the proper steps that are necessary to not only have them removed, but to also ensure that they do not appear in the future as well.
Unfortunately, many times, when someone takes the necessary steps of removing negative remarks with one’s name and/or their business’s name, they will find that such negative things have been said about them once again. This is a common recurrence among many individuals who utilize the Internet today. It is highly recommended for each one of us to ensure we have a clean “slate” on the Internet as it is a platform where billions of people can connect with one another, read about others, as well as derive impressions of others. Why let someone think badly of you, especially if you have done nothing wrong? Due to the significance of one’s reputation in today’s online world, it is going to be a vital set of steps for one to take to “clear” their or their business’s name. Today is the day you make that next move of “clearing” your name on the Internet.

There are billions of people in the world who utilize the Internet. It is even a great place for people to make a living. If the Internet provides people with such opportunities, is it not important for you to ensure your reputation is preserved and maintained? There are many different services for you to choose from if you are wanting to “restore” your reputation, however, it is highly recommended for you to ensure that you choose one that will provide you with the most optimal results. Contact a company that employs the most skilled and talented professionals to give you the results you need to live and feel free again.