GMO Lawsuits Are Making the News

Mikal Watts is leading a team of legal professionals in a class act lawsuit against Syngenta, who is accused of selling US farmers tainted and genetically-modified corn.

It is estimated that over 20 percent of corn is produced in the United States. In turn, it is exported internationally. Upon receiving tainted corn from Syngenta, recipients closed their ports, which caused a spiraling effect of lose wages for US farmers nationwide. Watts primary focus is to help recover financial damages felt by hundreds of thousands farmers nationwide.

Mr. Watts was born in Corpus Christi, Texas. San Antonio Magazine told that after receiving an undergraduate degree in 1987 from the University of Texas in only two short years, he went on to graduate from the University of Texas Law School in 1989 at 21 years old. Immediately afterwards, he began a successful career in law as a briefing attorney in the Supreme Court of Texas under Hon. Thomas R. Phillips.

In 1990, he was taken on as an associate at the law firm of David L. Perry & Associates in Corpus Christi, Texas, where after only one year, he became partners in the law firm of Perry & Hass, L.L.P. After four extraordinarily successful years, Watts created his own law firm, Harris & Watts. Since then, Mr. Watts has continued his lucrative career in law, and has expanded his practice to 29 offices with over 100 employees.

Avaaz: Empowering People through Online Activism

Avaaz was first launched in the United States in January 2007. It is an online based organization, whose main aim is to promote international activism on issues such as human rights, climate change, conflicts, animal rights and poverty. The organization was once quoted by the UK based newspaper, the Guardian as the as the world’s largest and most powerful online activist network. Since it was launched the online movement has managed to advocate for various issues that affect millions of people across the Globe.

Avaaz literally means “voice” in several dialects in Europe, Asian and the Middle East. The online activist movement works to empower millions of people from across the world. It always emphasizes its members or followers to take bold action on pressing international, national and regional issues ranging from poverty, climate change, corruption, and conflict. The model of online participation makes it easy for the group to champion people from all walks of life across the world.

Avaaz uses 15 languages to campaign across 6 continents. Most of the members are volunteers and mostly participate by launching petitions, funding media campaigns, emailing, organizing of offline protest lobbying governments among other activities which are meant to that views and values that matter most are heard by relevant authorities.

Ricken Patel is the Chief Executive Officer and Founding President. He is a Canadian/British citizen and has worked with International Crisis Group in various countries around the World including Afghanistan, Sudan, and Sierra Leone.

Avaaz is largely member-funded and rarely does it accept donations from politicians or foreign governments. The organization has a strict policy regarding its funding model in a bid to protect its main agenda of fighting for pressing issue around the world. One of the reasons as to why the organization have remained united and grown over the years is its core values such as integrity and the ability to accommodate divergent views.

The Illustrious Success Randal Nardone Has In the Business World

Randal Nardone joins Forbes Billionaire List, along with Mark Zuckerberg
Randal Nardone joins Forbes Billionaire List, along with Mark Zuckerberg

It’s all joy when someone dreams of something and later become it. Most people just dream of becoming billionaires in days to come, but they hardly achieve this. Nonetheless, other people have such dreams, and they amazingly achieve them. If you talk to a reputable business leader like Randal Nardone, you will discover some people become what they dream. As an executive leader at Fortress Investment Group, Randal has made huge contributions, making him a man of many captivating headlines. Great men like Randal are people who have made titanic shifts in life. He is a trained legal professional, but he opted to change his career and focus on finance.

He knew he was getting into a competitive market, but the deep conviction within him about the achievements ahead kept him going. His perseverance and focus on his goals have made him a man of great reputation on the global platform. Most of the upcoming business leaders and executives find him a role model on the financial matters and executive business management. His guardians and teachers noticed something unique about Randal Nardone while he was still in school. His exceptional hard work made them realize he was headed to greatness.

The academic background has made Randal Nardone the esteemed man he is today. Although finance was his second career, his performance in the business world has been tremendous. It doesn’t matter how far you intend to go in life, but you would have to start from somewhere. Randal realized this, and he started his finance career at Thacher Proffit and kept climbing the ladder to the top management of the company.

When he joined Fortress Investment Group, many people had great expectations that he would make the company great. He didn’t disappoint any of these expectations. As one of the Board of Directors, Randal introduced incredible changes that gave the company a global touch. He was the interim CEO of this great company from 2011 before he was confirmed the company’s Chief Executive Officer in 2013. Randal Nardone was also a resourceful leader in other companies such as GAGFAH, Alea Group Holdings, USB, Brookdale Senior Living, and Eurocastle Investment Limited. Randal wasn’t just the CEO of the Fortress Group, but also one of its founders. Meet Fortress Investment Group’s Ex-Billionaire Interim CEO

Adam Milstein – A Man of Many Accomplishments

Adam Milstein is a man who wears numerous caps. To state that he is a pioneer in the Israeli-American people group is putting it mildly. Milstein is the administrator of the Israeli-American Council (the most significant association of its kind in America), which he helped to establish. What’s more, he serves on sheets of numerous other star Israeli associations, including the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which he helped to establish with his better half, Gila.

Not exclusively is Adam Milstein, a pioneer in the Jewish people group, but at the same time he’s a loved land speculator in Los Angeles and overseeing accomplice of Hager Pacific Properties – an organization which claims more than 100 unique properties esteemed at over $1 billion.

If you somehow managed to inspect a typical day for Adam Milstein, you would have no clue about his humble beginnings. His life direction was not generally pointed toward this path.

Before the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation

Adam Milstein was conceived in 1952 in Haifa, Israel, a noteworthy seaport that is situated on the Mediterranean drift, 50 miles north of Tel Aviv. Haifa is Israel’s third biggest city and is well known for its wonderful setting on the slants of Mount Carmel. His mom remained at home and his dad filled in as a land designer. He spent his youth in Haifa. At 19 years old, Milstein joined the Israeli Defense Forces. Much to his dismay that, amid the Yom Kippur War, his detachment pioneer, Ariel Sharon, would turn into the future Prime Minister of Israel.

After Adam Milstein’s administration in the Yom Kippur War finished, he wedded Gila. She had likewise filled in as an officer in the Israeli armed force and moved to Israel at six years old from her nation of origin of Morocco. With Gila, Adam found a definitive life buddy who might have the capacity to band together with him to accomplish a large number he had always wanted, grounded in a similar love for their home territory of Israel.

IDLife Nutrition is a Lifestyle

IDLife is not your average supplement company. It is more of a lifestyle that will help you to reach your weight loss goals as well as to have the healthy lifestyle that you want.

IDLife has many products that are available to help you to get the most out of your day and exercise routine. They have a complete workout line as well as products to help you to stay hydrated, to have more energy, to sleep better, and to manage your weight. There is also a skin care line as well as products for kids.

IDNutrition is a customizable program that is backed by science. It is unlike the many supplements and vitamins that you will find at the store because it is not a one-product-for-all type of product. One clothing size or one shoe size will not fit everyone so why would one supplement work for each and everyone’s body chemistry or body type? The truth of the matter is, that one supplement will not benefit everyone and there are bound to be gaps in nutrition. It simply does not work.

When you join IDLife, you will take a peers9naized assessment that will help IDLife to build a tailored plan for you that will give you exactly what you want and need. IDLife products do not contain any fillers or artificial ingredients either.

IDNutrition offers many great benefits such as weight management, increased energy, increased metabolism, bone health, immune heat=lth, and even increased mental clarity.

Another advantage that IDLife offers is that their supplements are meant to be taken both in the morning as well as at night so that the body receives a steady supply of nutrients. This also allows for the body to absorb the minerals and vitamins at optimal levels.

If you are wondering why you have never seen IDLife products in the stores it is because they are available through their retailer. IDLife relies on its distributors to market its products to people. There are many testimonials that this product works and it is a product that promotes the well-being of the customer.

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Talos Energy and Stone Merger: Zama-1, Tornado #3, and Mt. Providence

Talos Energy Incorporated and Stone Energy entered into a merger worth 2.5 billion dollars to combine into one single corporate unit. Ultimately the two companies decided to keep the Talos Energy name due to Stone’s bankruptcy status as of 2016. Both parties brought assets to the table: Stone brought with them 136 million barrels of oil, and Talos came to the table with an excess of cash. On top of this, Stone was already listed on the New York Stock Exchange and so this allowed tell us to essentially become listed on the stock market for free.

Talos decided to go through with the deal because together they are able to produce 47,000 barrels of oil per day and have a combined nautical space that is 1.2 million miles of potentially drillable wells off the coast of Louisiana and Texas ( ten percent is in the Gulf of Mexico). The Chief Executive Officer of Talos  Energy is Tim Duncan, and he has history in the past with turning around struggling oil companies. For example, Hurricane Rita hit in the year 2005 and damaged many drilling capacities for Phoenix and Cabot Oil; Tim was able to turn everything around and come back in the black once again. Tim is no stranger to success, either. Before Talos he was able to secure the Zama-1 well by partnering with British forces and it is now a long-lasting well that is expected to produce two billion barrels, starting in the next five years.

With almost half a million dollars in cash equivalents on top of a series of positive drilling’s in the works, Talos (TALO, NYSE) is poised for success. The first sign of success for the newly merged company was when they drilled Mount Providence in January of 2018 and are expected to start producing oil by September of 2018 from this area alone. On top of that, “Tornado well number 3” is also on track to produce starting in the first quarter of 2019.

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Why You Ought to Entrust PSI Pay with all your Online Transactions

Bitcoins which were launched in 2009 is one of the advancements in the finance sector. Although the use of online currency would seem to be an easy task, bitcoin have been facing both some setbacks and some breakthroughs. Mining of bitcoins is a task that was less understood and left only for the experts. However, policymakers, media, and the public have shown interest in the virtual currency thus striving to understand the workings of this currency. The topic about bitcoins is complex based on the several terms one has to understand and how the currency works. Based on this, some of the media houses which cover the topics surrounding cryptocurrency mostly confuse e-money systems with Bitcoin. The two rely on different institutions to operate thus they have several differences.


Electronic money is a form of electronic storage for money which is controlled by central authority. For people to use e-money, they have to create an account. The service utilized for this purpose is ecoPayz. The currency that is electronically stored is majorly used for online objectives. Although the transactions are conducted using an app, a person can physically obtain the funds through the use of a prepaid card that is linked to your account. Unlike E-money that is regulated by a central authority, Bitcoin has nobody that regulates it. It involves the transfer of cryptocurrency from peer to peer. The value of this currency frequently fluctuates. Some of the factors which cause this fluctuation include demand and how the public trusts the currency. To ensure that the fluctuation does not significantly affect the Bitcoins, they are restricted to only twenty-one million. The most common marketplace for trading Bitcoins is Coinbase which works similarly with forex exchange.


Similar to other forms of currencies, safeguarding the money is always a priority. Therefore, storing Bitcoins in a safe place is a necessity. As such, digital wallets are used which also ensure that the transactions are safely conducted. Some of the security measures that are taken to safeguard your currencies include the use of different authentification protections and various encryptions. PSI-Pay Limited is a company that ensures that online transactions are made safely globally. Using the online digital account named as ecoPayz, the company offers rapid and secures means of transacting online.


PSI-Pay is an electronic organization which offers Partner Sponsorship compensation means. As such, it enables the businesses that it works with to manage their payment programs. Some of the reputable breakthroughs of PSI-Pay have been issuing of both the Principal Visa and issuing of MasterCard globally. The company has been operational since 2007 which depicts its growing experience in matters concerning online currencies. Some of the key factors that make the company outstanding include offering transparent and efficient services to the clients. Clients of the company get to benefit by transacting across 173 countries in forty-four currencies.

Five Proven Ways To Improve Your Sales Technique and Quality At Market America

You definitely learn a lot about yourself on the job. Market America offers some great ways to expand your boundaries and go further in terms of creativity. Part of that creativity extends to how you sell Market America products. You cannot rely on the same old, same old every time.

According to some recent studies, there are 5 proven methods that will enhance your selling skills and gain your client’s trust.

1) Your clients are not buying the Market America products. They are buying the benefits they will get from using the product. It is very similar to how the client puts their trust in you and not what you are selling. You need to use words that clients understand. You cannot use technical jargon all the time. Some clients like the basics.

2) Does the client have issues with the product you are selling in Market America? You cannot expect them to buy what you are selling when something is holding them back. You will be one step closer to wiping away their fears as soon as you figure out what is holding them back.

3) Market America has a lot of great products, but so does the competition. You need to find a way to get them to pick you over everyone else. There is something that will give you the competitive edge. What is that?

4) You need to research the price on the market. Some clients do not buy because the price is too high. Make the price worth their while.

5) You need to ask the right questions. The right questions overcome any trepidations the client might have. You need to be patient. Some clients might not buy right away. You need to plant the seed and wait. Patience is the key. You need to be prepared every time you sit down with a client. Clients do not invest in someone who is unprepared. That shows them that you do not know what you are doing.

High Blood Pressure Biggest Risk Factor For Stroke

Every 40 seconds someone in America has a stroke. Someone dies from a stroke every four minutes. Stroke is the fifth-leading cause of death in the United States. In the past, stroke was a health problem that only affected older people. Today, people are having strokes at a younger age.

A stroke occurs when blood flow to the brain is disrupted. It has to be treated right away because irreversible brain damage can result. Experts recommend using the FAST acronym to check to see if someone is having a stroke. FAST stands for face, arms, speech and time.

You should check to see if someone is having facial drooping. You should also ask the person to raise both of their arms. See if one of the arms is downward. You will need to check to see if the person’s speech is slurred. If a person has any of those symptoms, then they should be taken to the hospital immediately.

It is best to try to prevent a stroke before it occurs. High blood pressure is one of the main risk factors for stroke. If high blood pressure is not treated, then it can force the heart to work harder. This will also weaken the blood vessels.

You can keep your blood pressure under control by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Exercising, limiting your sodium consumption and managing your stress can help you manage your blood pressure. It is also a good idea to monitor your blood pressure at home if you are at risk for this condition.

Anil Chaturvedi Leading Investment Banker Encouraging European Companies to Invest in India

If you are looking for a banker who is not only experienced but also business minded and sharp with marketing strategies, then look no further than Anil Chaturvedi. In all these years that Anil Chaturvedi has been associated with the banking world, he has helped numerous banks and organizations to achieve their business goals. One of the banks that he worked for and provided phenomenal results to is State Bank of India, which is also the first bank he joined after moving to the United States. At the State Bank of India, he was named Man of the Year for his remarkable performance of getting business of over $500 million in just a period of four years that he was with the bank. The marketing strategies that he developed for the bank were not only innovative but also highly effective and modern that helped in getting the business of Indians settled abroad.

Anil Chaturvedi was able to catch the veins of the banking business, and it is what helped him provide the results that the clients were looking for. Moreover, he continued to study the market and financial trends closely to understand where the markets are heading. It helped him develop investment strategies that were effective and efficient and helped his clients to not only protect their wealth but also grow it with time. At Hinduja Bank, where Anil Chaturvedi is positioned currently as the Managing Director, Anil Chaturvedi aims to help the bank to move up to become one of the top five private banks in the country. Hinduja Bank has already been famous among the Indians settled abroad for many years, and Anil Chaturvedi is taking that popularity among the locals as well.

Anil Chaturvedi was born and brought up in India and went to the prestigious Delhi University. Here, he not only completed his graduation but also earned his MBA degree. After completing his studies, he always wanted to become an investment banker and he received his dream job when he got the opportunity to work with State Bank of India. He was posted in the United States during that time and went on to become one of their best bankers.

A Plant-Based Diet Can Increase Brain Size

Vegetables are not only good for your body, but they are also good for your brain. In fact, studies have shown that a plant-based diet can actually increase the size of your brain. There was a study done that involved 6,000 people from the Netherlands. The subjects were followed over the course of 10 years. The mean age of the subjects was 66.

The researchers compared brain scans. They found that the subjects who followed a plant-based diet had more white and gray matter in their brain. They also had a larger hippocampus, which is the area of the brain that is responsible for memory.

Gray matter is what allows the messages and thoughts to flow between your brain cells. White matter helps connect the gray matter together. You start to lose brain cells at the age of 30. The brain actually starts to shrink after the age of 60. The good news is following a healthy diet can help you protect your brain for a long time.

Researchers are still trying to find the connection between diet and brain disorders. There has been evidence to suggest that healthy eating can protect against Dementia and other brain disease. Experts recommend piling up on brain-healthy foods such as leafy green vegetables and beans. They also stated that if you want a nightly snack, then you will need to have a green smoothie instead of ice cream. Nuts are another food that you can eat in order to protect your brain from damage.