Wessex Institute of Technology Journals Aim to Harmonize Scientists in Different Areas of Study

The Wessex Institute of Technology journals (or WIT Press) allow for the various disciplines of science to work together on solutions to global issues. There are six journals available in hard copy or online and an additional two more journals are expected in 2017. Researchers, scientists, and instructors work with each to discuss various topics that include environmental problems, upholding heritage culture, modern transportation modes, energy production, and computational methods. Safety engineering, the integration of science and nature, and environmental planning and development are also addressed.

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For over thirty years WIT Press has offered a platform for those in the specified fields to discuss issues and offer solutions. Wessex Press publishes the contents of the Wessex Institute of Technology conferences. These publications are offered on their eLibrary. Those interested may subscribe to the journals and also request book flyers on specific subjects. In addition to professional scientists, these journals are useful to graduate students and managers in relative fields. Their headquarters are in Southampton in the United Kingdom and Boston, Massachusetts.

How Oncotarget Is Contributing The Advancements in Science

There’s many reasons why someone may want to consider visiting Oncotarget to conduct their researching in the fields of science and oncology. It is a website that updates its scholarly reviewed articles of scientific findings on a weekly basis and has several resources for people who are either involved or interested in the scientific community to benefit from. The journal is peer reviewed and is also published by Dove Press. . It is truly an opportunity for people to understand what is occurring in the world of science as well as an opportunity in which people may use the resources that are available to make their own contributions to scientific studies, analysis, and researching.

If you are unsure about what Oncotarget offers you, then please feel free to visit the website and ask any questions that you may have in the “contact us” section. It is a website that is quite easy to navigate through and has been designed with simplicity in its layout. It is a website that reflects the efforts that have been made and is continuing to be made in the world of science, oncology, and scientific discoveries. It should not be considered as being a place where one can attain information on just one sector of science. Instead, it is a site that is updated regularly on a vast array of scientific researched findings in several different sectors of the field of science. The ultimate goal of the website is the end all diseases in life. Would that not be a near miracle? If we continue to work towards making as much advancement as possible on a continuous basis, then such a world may be within our reach. However, we as a human race need to research through compilations of updated findings to ensure that we are doing what we can to advance in science regularly. This is what will keep us going strong as a society. Stay updated with Oncotarget on twitter.com.

Better Services for InnovaCare with Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

Emerging the best in the health sector is something that requires a lot of dedication by the leaders. The health care facility has to use all the tricks and more they should come with an advanced way of provision of services to the citizens so that they can be satisfied. With the advancement in technology, many firms are now offering excellent services, and patients can now appreciate the services they can get from the healthcare facilities.

There is a company that has performed better than all the others in the field because of employing a strong leadership that is visionary and goal-oriented. It is none other than InnovaCare health which sought the services of the great leaders such as Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides. The company has come with services that are affordable, but at the same time, they are quality services. Customers are flocking, and they had to expand their market because of the increase of the members. The success is attributed to the introduction of the two leaders who have a vast experience in the field.

When leaders such as Rick Shinto came in 2012, he introduced unique services to the company and new leadership methods. He worked with Penelope Kokkinides and other professionals to ensure that the firm provides excellent services and it is friendly to customers. For instance, Rick Shinto insists on educating the patients and establishing a relationship with the friends and relatives of the patient so that they can offer support where they can. These new developments have made customers happy with the services, and they have become members prompting the company to expand to other areas. The expansion is because of the demand for excellent services by the citizens. View their website innovacarehealth.com to learn more

Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto attended the State University of California where he obtained a degree in the field of medicine. He also furthered his education and got an MBA from the State University of Redlands. He has been a professional for many years and has achieved great success in the field of medicine and healthcare. Rick Shinto had worked in various places before he moved to work with InnovaCare. He is also an author of journals and different articles talking about the health industry.

He worked as the Chief Executive Officer Aveta. Since he joined InnovaCare Health, he has come with various ways that are unique, and that has provided great success to the company. With the support of Peneople Kokkinides, they are set to go far because they are able leaders. Penelope Kokkinides is also experienced in the field and has worked in different places before InnovaCare sought her services.

The Rise Of Brazilian Banks In A Growing Economy

In light of the economic crisis, some financial institutions have been experiencing a downfall in their businesses. However, two companies in Brazil have managed to surpass their competitors and retain their high profits even in light of the crisis – Itau Unibanco (ITUB) and Banco Bradesco (BBD). Both the companies have seen a tremendous increase in their share rate and have witnessed a considerable profit increase on Facebook since 2014. While Itau Unibanco saw a 36 percent increase in their net worth over the past three years, Banco Bradesco saw an increase by 28 percent.

According to the original article, published by CNBC, journalist Igor Cornelsen broke down the workings of these two banks and let out the commercial secrets which these banks have implemented which have contributed to their growth. According to the article published, Brazilian banks in the private sector have managed to give to the customers exactly what they want and have managed to fulfill the demand for banks which offer them a good credit.

The Brazilian economy only has a total of ten major players. These ten major players act as a powerhouse which has contributed to the overall uphaul of the banking sector on Tumblr. Also, the merging of numerous top-tier banks has significantly contributed to the growth of the Brazilian banking sector.

The Brazilian government is now putting into action various policies that contribute to the overall growth and development of the banking sector at https://twitter.com/igorcornelsen. The current finance minister has been working towards the growth of private sector banks, which has led to the overall development of the industry.

Also, Igor Cornelsen also outlines how Brazil’s economy has been going uphill over the years owing to their trade relations with China. Brazil is currently the number one country that China trades with, and thus, this overall investment into the country is one of the reasons the banking sector has been receiving good light in recent years.

Igor Cornelsen also mentioned in his article how the Real is currently an overvalued currency in the world, and that is one of the major contributing reasons for the growth of the banking sector and overall economy of Brazil.

Leading New Brunswick Developer Joins Elite in Genomics Research

For his contribution to the groundbreaking research conducted at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey, leading New Brunswick developer Omar Boraie has been acknowledged with the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science.

The “18 Chairs”

According to a story published by NewsWise, this accolade is considered a higher education gold standard and the tribute illustrates commitment to an academic discipline, guaranteeing continued progression and support.

These chairs – part of the Rutgers University’s “18 Chair Challenge” – were established to recognize $1.5 million donations to match each of 18 new chairs that would result in $3 million endowments in the fields of genomic science and precision medicine.

Genomic Science

Precision medicine and genomic science is revolutionizing how the medical community is treating cancer diagnosis and treatment. The procedures involve analyzing tumors and tackling them on the genetic level. In an article on Yahoo.com, this allows oncologists to tailor specialized therapies. Rutgers Cancer Institute is one of the country’s first facilities to apply genomic sequencing to precision medicine. It has been instrumental in developing innovative therapies for rare cancers.

With advancements in precision medicine, there will be a greater utility for classifying cancers and determining better patient outcomes through individualized therapies.

Omar Boraie

After four decades, Omar Boraie is considered a visionary. His current project is a luxury, residential high rise on Somerset Street in New Brunswick. The 73 year old is founder, patriarch and president of Boraie Development LLC and sees the new project as another component of his dream to rebuild his beloved Jersey city in the same ways he witnessed in Europe as a young man.

Boraie has taken a great interest in the advances of precision medicine at Rutgers Cancer Institute. According to NJ Biz, the developer has a background in chemistry. “Just as the anonymous donor for the ‘18 Chair Challenge’ encouraged others to come forward, I hope my family’s pledge will also inspire others to do the same.”

Omar Boraie has been a consistent presence in the New Brunswick medical community. He was heavily involved in “Healthcare City” and many medical professionals believe his support of genomic science will have a significant influence on cancer patient treatment for generations to come.

The Cancer Institute of New Jersey is a network of hospitals across the state. The Rutgers Cancer Institute is one of the state of New Jersey’s first designated comprehensive cancer centers. They are involved in the most extensive research for treatment, detection and cancer patient care, as well as a primary educational resource for prevention.


Securus Has Been A Boon For Our Family

The purpose of Securus has always been to help those of us on the outside reach to those who are stuck in jail. I have spent years calling family members in jail, and I have become the unofficial leader of the family calling tree. I use the Securus system because it helps me ensure there is a level of care for my family that is difficult to get anywhere else. This article explains how we are using Securus to replace physical visitations.


#1: The Video Call Is Just Like A Visitation


I have made many visitation calls to the jails using Securus, and we are not able to drive there because it is simply too far. We have gathered together before to see our family, and I appreciate know our family will see our faces on the screen. We have felt our family come closer together, and I know it helps those who are in jail make plans for the future.


#2: How Do We Place Calls?


We place calls using the Securus system often using their app, and I simply press a few buttons to get what I need. We are all put on the calls in an instant, and each of us may download the app ourselves. We have all made promises to call in the future, and we do so from any location in the country when we are traveling or doing our work.


I have been using Securus to ensure our family stays in touch, and we are calling on our own time every week instead of visitation. The schedule we have used for our communication makes quite a difference in our lives, and we are showing our cousins, nieces and nephews that they are cared for when they are waiting for their sentences to end.


The Skin Whitening Cream That Should Be a Permanent Staple in Your Beauty Regimen

Unlike most skin care brands that treat the symptoms of dark spots and uneven skin tones Makari treats the underlying condition.Since its conception Makari has focused its energy on creating an all natural skin lightening cream products that’s aimed primarily towards women and men of color.All of their products are made with argan and carrot oil.However, an ingredient that you may not expect is caviar.Caviar works from the inside to give you luminous wrinkle free skin by possessing two of the most important nutrients in any diet which include omega 3 and omega 6.Omega 3 and omega 6 repairs the skin and protects it from potential damage.Luckily, Markari’s Caviar Face cream does just that and a tad bit more by making sure none of their products are made using Hydroquinone.Hydroquinone is a harmful chemical that has been used in most skin whitening creams for years except for Makari.Makari’s dedication to their consumers health and well being is what makes them a leader in the skin care industry. For more info, go to makari.com.


The Amazing Properties of Shea Butter


It is especially difficult to soothe and repair skin in Winter. Cold weather and dry air from indoor heating deplete natural moisture making Winer skin hard to soothe. In fact, our skin loses 25% more moisture in Winter than in warmer seasons.


One of the most popular moisturizers to use in these extreme conditions is shea butter, a fatty substance collected from nuts grown in West Africa that is extremely hydrating and healing.Shea butter contains vitamins A, E and F, and antioxidants. In addition to relieving Winter skin problems, it has anti-aging properties, is anti-inflammatory and can be used for sun protection.


Collection of shea nuts and processing them into the popular moisturizing products is hard work. The nuts are cracked, grilled and pounded until the butter rises to the surface, then let in gourds to cool. This artisans method means no chemicals and synthetics are used.


Many young women in West Africa are employed in the production of shea butter earning it the title of “women’s gold”. One company in particular, Eu’Genia Shea, is dedicated to the fair treatment of these workers and, in addition to offering good wages and opportunities within the organization, donates 15% of their profits to an education fund.


In addition to moisturizers, shea butter can also be found in cleansers and shampoos. Eu’Genia Shea offers specialty formulas for pregnancy and severe dermatology problems. The butter can be found in soap bars, shampoos, and lip balm.


This amazing moisturizer may be all you need to protect and heal your skin this Winter.


JeanMarie Guenot: An Innovative Researcher and a Leader in the Pharmaceutical Circles


JeanMarie Guenot is a pharmaceutical executive from San Francisco Bay Area. She has a postgraduate degree in business administration from the University of Pennsylvania and a Ph.D. from the University of California. She is skilled in the fields of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. She is trained in medicinal chemistry with a major focus on protein structure prediction, methods for molecular dynamics, drug designs, x-ray, and NMR refinement.  Jeanmarie is also the founder of Guenot LLC, her investment trust.


Dr. Guenot’s career in the Pharmaceutical world


JeanMarie is the current executive principal of the globally renowned Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc. Her role in this company is to assist in eradicating cancer through the development of innovative bifunctional antibody therapies for hematologic tumors. At Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc., she works with other successful women such as Lori Kunkel, Jenifer Sims, Judith Fox, and Dr. Susan Jones. Aside from conducting research, she has unparalleled expertise in the development of startups. Dr. Guenot has two decades of work experience in venture capital, business development, commercial development, and project & alliance management.


Dr. JeanMarie Guenot began her career as a pharmaceutical business associate, in 1993, at Hoffman-La Roche. In 2000, she took up another job at Atlas Venture where her duties were to build life science companies. She was in charge of managing venture capital investments for various clients. In 2003, PDL Biopharma appointed her as the vice president. She was given the task of managing corporate and business development strategies. At PDL, she facilitated an 800 million dollar transaction that saw commercialization of Biogen Idec-PDL 50:50, a popular cancer drug. Additionally, she oversaw the development of product portfolios, licensing of products, and mergers and acquisition transactions.


Dr. Guenot establishes two prominent companies


In 2008, LinkedIn shows Dr. Guenot co-founded Guenot, LLC and she served as the managing partner of the company. A year later, she established SKS Ocular LLC., an ophthalmic company. SKS Ocular LLC conducts research on macular degeneration, sustained release of ocular drug delivery, ocular inflammation, and therapeutics for glaucoma. The key drivers of her success are integrity, hard work, intelligence, and experience in managing of both public and private companies. Dr. Guenot practices an open and consultative style of management.  Jeanmarie Guenot can be found on Facebook.




How Are EOS Flavors Chosen For Kids?

Every kid who wants to carry a bulb of EOS lip balm in their pocket must ensure they are choosing the proper flavor for their needs. The balm itself is quite powerful, and it helps kids take care of their lips. Adults may use the same lip balm, and they may select from a number of flavors. This Fast Company article goes through three flavors a child or parent may enjoy.

#1: Coconut Milk Flavor

The coconut milk flavor is a soft scent that anyone may use man or woman. Coconut milk smells as if it is the essence of the islands, and it goes on smooth. The milk feels soft on the lips, and it helps the user feel the product sinking into the smile.

#2: Vanilla Mint Flavor

There are quite a few unique flavors from EOS lip balm, and vanilla mint is one that will tickle the lips with two scents at the same time. The vanilla is soothing, and the mint adds a bit of zest that is needed in a lip balm. It helps cool the lips, and it is perfect for those times when it is too hot outside to use anything else.

#3: Blackberry Nectar

The blackberry nectar flavor is powerful in that is brings the heavy quality of the blackberry from the bush to the bulb of lip balm. The balm is strong in its scent, and it has a flavor is sweet to the touch. It reminds users of dessert, and it is a fun color to have in one’s pocket.

#4: Other products links:

Every EOS flavor is quite different, and they must be managed in a way that helps the user feel confident. Kids use the lip balm because it is marketed well, and they will slide the bulbs from their pockets when they have dry lips. For more information on the great products EOS has to offer, visit evolutionofsmooth.com.